Politicians Taking a Deep Dive into Marijuana Issue

Drug prevention activists are continually frustrated at the naivete of public policy makers on the dangers of marijuana. We are heartened by a new trend of politicians starting to question the marijuana ‘orthodoxy’ and looking more deeply into the science and negative human health outcomes in the states that are legalizing this drug. Here are


Marijuana # 1 Substance found in Teen Suicides in Colorado The above graph is a screen shot from the Colorado Public Health and Environment report available at this website: Colorado Violent Death Reporting System. To find the above graph, go to the below Colorado website and click on the box that lists “methods, circumstances and


Opinion: Medicine is not for Recreation

Originally published as a Letter to the Editor in the Prescott Daily Courier Do you know anyone who takes Synthroid, Crestor, Lyrica or Januvia for fun? Neither do I. Medicine is for health care purposes, strictly dosed and prescribed. When people start thinking of medicine as “recreational,” you get the opioid crisis. What if OxyContin


Opinion: Suicide, Mental Health, and Marijuana

by J.L. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) sends out a periodic newsletter, which summarizes his activities as a US Senator.  In the September 30, 2019 newsletter, Senator Gardner makes the following announcement:  Preventing Youth Suicides I introduced bipartisan legislation known as the STANDUP Act , endorsed by Sandy Hook Promise, to address rising youth suicide rates. When I travel across all four


Toxins Found in Vape Liquids Georgia Legislature Health & Human Services Committee Conducts Hearing on Vaping Crisis Highly recommended is the presentation by Dr. Justine Henao on flavored vapes and the risk they pose to teenagers. Her testimony starts at 51:13 and ends at 1:06. Men Arrested for Vapes filled with THC to Teens Vaping


Media Censorship Silences Drug Prevention Groups

May 9, 2019 MomsStrong.org activist Aubree Adams just got banned from advertising her impactful anti-marijuana videos by Facebook. Even though she has been interviewed around the country about the downside of marijuana her former hometown newspaper refused to give her a voice, except for a few small editorial letters. Aubree explains, “I contacted my home