Marijuana Industry Follows Big Tobacco Playbook

How Can America Be So Naive?

Big Tobacco and Big Marijuana employ the SAME tactics! America was once fooled by the tobacco industry living off addiction for PROFIT. The Marijuana Industry is targeting our most precious resources- our teens and young adults. STOP the industry! The playbook how to dupe the American public into believing 21st century marijuana (& all its byproducts) are “safe, medicinal & natural” surely is a throwback to years ago when Phillip Morris paid physicians to LIE about the so-called “harmless” use of cigarettes.

Big Tobacco 2.0

Remember Big Tobacco? They are back.

Alex Berenson Doesn’t Want Big Marijuana to Get Away With It!

Opinion | Alex Berenson: Big Weed is burying the risks of marijuana the way Big Tobacco did

The tricks that tobacco companies used to hide the risks of cigarettes are no secret. Internal corporate documents disclosed during the litigation against cigarette companies show the way the industry worked to create uncertainty about tobacco’s cancer risks long after mainstream scientists had reached a consensus.

And here is a 60 Minutes expose! Dr Jeffrey Wigand was a high ranking research scientist with Brown & Williamson Tobacco Co who allowed himself to be interviewed by 60 Minutes.