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Colorado Mom Regrets Her Vote to Legalize Marijuana

Colorado Mom Regrets Her Vote to Legalize Marijuana

More Colorado voters regret their vote to legalized marijuana. They are witnesses to the destruction it brings to families and communities.

Legalizing marijuana isn’t about social justice – Parents Opposed to Pot

The Philadelphia Inquirer asked advocates for and against legalization/commercialization of marijuana to weigh in on the topic. Here’s what Will Jones, of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) wrote: Calls to legalize marijuana often lead with the cry of social justice. Many advocates argue that legalization will right the wrongs of our racist past in the criminal justice system.

Citizens in Lynn Massachusetts Protest Pot Shop

Large crowd storms City Hall to protest East Lynn pot shop – Itemlive

LYNN – It was “complete chaos” at City Hall Tuesday night as approximately 200 people herded into the building to show their opposition to a recreational marijuana shop approved by the City Council last week.

Vermont Townhall about Marijuana Commercialization

This two hour conversation is well worth a listen to, and may give your community ammunition for keeping cannabis out of your town.

Conversations About Marijuana Commercialization: A Town Hall for Vermonters With Questions

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Nebraska Governor Takes Firm Stand Against Legalization

Governor Ricketts: Marijuana Illegal for Good Reasons

Alabama’s Attorney General Warns His State Not to “Medicalize” Marijuana

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An Analysis Out of Stanford

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Colorado Community Uses Billboard Campaign to Push Back

New billboards in Colorado about marijuana harms! Of course, there is a lot of push back from the industry, but this is a big change for Colorado. The public is catching on.

Weld County launches “marijuana is not harmless” campaign. But how accurate are its numbers?

Weld County on Thursday launched a new campaign to warn the community about marijuana but it drew criticism for citing an annual report that critics have called biased and off-base. The “Marijuana is Not Harmless” campaign will include billboards along the county’s major highways and plans to pump out messaging on social media, seeking to counter the drug’s growing cultural acceptance since legalization.

Vermont Medical Society Issues Resolution on CBD

Vermont Medical Society Resolution on CBD

Florida Legislature Listens to a Series of Speakers on Cannabis Risks

Oregon cop warns Florida lawmakers about dangers of legal marijuana

TALLAHASSEE ― Recreational marijuana has brought trouble to Oregon, a law officer said Tuesday, as Florida lawmakers prepared to deal with the chance that Sunshine State voters could legalize pot next year. The House Health and Human Services Committee heard testimony from Chris Gibson, a narcotics officer in Oregon, where marijuana was legalized in 2015.

Illinois Citizen Group Fights to Keep Cannabis Out

Democracy gone awry in Illinois pot legalization bill

It was representation gone awry with 104 Illinois legislators speaking on behalf of 12.8 million Illinoisans. With 60 out of 104 legislators having received a total of $630,000 in marijuana lobbyist money in 2017 and 45 voting yes, is it interesting? Yes. Comped? Maybe. Democracy? No.

Mom Who Lost Son to Cannabis Tells Voters: Medicine is not for Recreation


Click here to read the Opinion: Medicine is not for Recreation

Florida House Majority Leader Invites Testimony from Scientists on Marijuana Risks and Harms

Lawmakers hear case against legal marijuana

October 15, 2019 TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CNS) — Members of a House committee heard from a Harvard scientist about the potential pitfalls of legalizing recreational marijuana in Florida. The scientist argued the social costs might outweigh any economic benefits. House majority leader Ray Rodrigues has long raised concerns over the use of marijuana.

Massachusetts Protesters Decry Dispensaries

Lowell Protesters demonstrate against pot dispensaries – Parents Opposed to Pot

“Prohibitionists” against marijuana are alive and well in Massachusetts. They’re a growing army. Hundreds of people participated in a Peace March from Lowell Auditorium to Lowell City Hall on September 28 to demonstrate concerns about marijuana in the city. Many people held signs, proclaiming “We have a Dream,” and “Keep Kids Safe.”

Lawyers Next Target: Marijuana Industry

” Berenson, the “Tell Your Children” author, acknowledges that many will smoke weed without ill effect. But as mounting studies make clear, he adds, others — and not just an insignificant few — will not be so lucky.”– The Trentonian

Provocations: The lawyers’ next big target: marijuana

It was lawyers who finally put Big Tobacco in its place. Their product liability suits brought in massive settlements that hit the tobacco industry in its most sensitive spot — the corporate bottom line. Is the marijuana industry next — just as it seems to be gaining ground via state-by-state legalization?

Jewish Community Gets Engaged in Drug Addiction Prevention

Moms Strong Co-Founder reaches out to the New Jersey Jewish community to share resources to help them contend with growing threat of marijuana industry.

Michigan Just Legalized. Already a Home Explosion from BHO

Former Judge: Homes Are Blowing Up from ‘Blasting’ Marijuana, a Risky Business

The writer served as a 52nd District Court judge in Novi and assistant state attorney general. He’s chief financial officer of the Justice Speakers Institute and a Deadline Detroit contributor. By Brian MacKenzie Last Sept. 25, the people living on Butternut Drive woke to the sound of a detonation reverberating in the darkness.

Local Community Marshals Resistance to Cannabis Industry

North County residents say they will form group to resist/restrict cannabis

Two cannabis projects proposed near Templeton are dead because the applicants have withdrawn them. This led to a round of applause by attendees June 19 who oppose such projects coming into the area, according to a story in the New Times.

Health Blogger Reports on FDA Cannabis/CBD Hearing

Cannabis CBD FDA Hearing

“The FDA must act quickly.” “Consumers need to be able to trust what they are buying.” “The cannabis market is the Wild Wild West.” These were common refrains from many of those who testified at the FDA Hearing on Cannabis and Cannabis Derived products on May 31, 2019.

Massachusetts Prevention Alliance Issues Policy Criticism of Marijuana Rollout

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New Hampshire Citizens Fight the Marijuana Industry

Marijuana Critics Seek to Derail Legalization Bill As N.H. Senate Takes It Up

Critics of marijuana are trying to derail a legalization bill in New Hampshire by questioning the costs of legalization in other states. They spoke out today as a Senate committee held its first hearing on the bill. Sen. Bob Giuda, a Warren Republican, rallied opponents before promising he would lead the opposition in the Senate.

Pain Doctor Debunks Medical Marijuana

A Colorado pain expert explains why his state’s medical marijuana is not working.

“Medical marijuana is the gateway to a lot of trouble,” warns pain doctor

The Texas Compassionate Care Act takes care of one group of epilepsy patients when it comes to using marijuana, but according to some physicians we spoke to in Colorado, where recreational marijuana is now legal, medical marijuana is the gateway to a lot of trouble.

Don’t Let Big Marijuana Follow Big Tobacco Playbook

Opinion | Alex Berenson: Big Weed is burying the risks of marijuana the way Big Tobacco did

The tricks that tobacco companies used to hide the risks of cigarettes are no secret. Internal corporate documents disclosed during the litigation against cigarette companies show the way the industry worked to create uncertainty about tobacco’s cancer risks long after mainstream scientists had reached a consensus.

Iceland Experts Decry Cannabis Legalization

Medical and public health experts find Canada’s decision to commercialize marijuana a bad decision full of risks, especially for young people.

What Icelanders think of Canada’s impending legalization of marijuana | CBC Radio

On Oct. 17, 2018, Canada becomes the second country in the world to permit the sale and possession of marijuana across the nation.

Rural Community in Massachusetts Says No to Industrial Cannabis Operation

It is possible to fight back against the encroaching cannabis industry. Here is one such story to give you hope.

Charlton board rejects huge marijuana cultivation facility – The Boston Globe

“They’re not interpreting their own bylaw, they’re just going with their gut, with their instinct,” Michael Rosen, Valley Green Grow’s attorney, said moments after the vote. “By denying the application, they now run that risk it will get approved anyway on appeal, in which case they won’t have the opportunity to impose reasonable conditions.

Silicon Valley Fights and Wins Against Pot Industry

Silicon Valley Fights and Wins Against Pot Industry – Stop Pot

by Frank Lee We had a stupendous victory in blocking the drug gangs in Milpitas in Silicon Valley. Originally Milpitas city council members already approved in October to open up ten marijuana businesses. We managed to convince them to reverse course – they just approved a complete permanent ban on commercialization of marijuana in the city on November 20th.

We Need PAC Reform

See article:

Pot Industry Spends to Lobby, Influence

Spot the Pot -New Drug Testing

Rossen Reports Spot the Pot: Schools using marijuana test kit to show results instantly

Marijuana can be incredibly easy for kids to sneak into school, but now some school districts across the country are using a new gadget to spot it in just seconds. TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen heads to Colorado, where marijuana is legal, to show viewers how the new “test kit” works.

Write Your U.S. Attorney–Their Job is to Protect Public Safety

You can locate your US Attorney by going to this page.

Marijuana businesses in compliance with Colorado law could face federal charges under new enforcement strategy

The new approach could lead to federal charges being brought against marijuana businesses that are in full compliance with Colorado law and not selling pot on the black market, U.S. Attorney Bob Troyer acknowledged in an interview with The Denver Post this week.

Tennessee Agencies Issue Warning about Marijuana and Hemp

San Antonio Cracks Down on Smoke Shops

San Antonio Police Looking To Crack Down On Drug Paraphernalia

San Antonio could become the first city in Texas to adopt an ordinance that would crack down on crack pipes and other drug paraphernalia. The goal is to remove the convenience of bongs from convenience stores. I’m in a corner store on Fredericksburg Road – just a couple of blocks from my house.

Sen. Feinstein says “NO” to legalizing MJ

BY CHRISTOPHER CADELAGO, 7-12-16 Democratic U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Tuesday formally opposed an initiative on California’s fall ballot to legalize recreational marijuana for adults. Feinstein said the measure, Proposition 64, lacked protections for children and motorists and would clash with medical marijuana guidelines signed last fall by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Sen. Feinstein officially opposes pot legalization in California

Democratic U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Tuesday formally opposed an initiative on California’s fall ballot to legalize recreational marijuana for adults. Feinstein said the measure, Proposition 64, lacked protections for children and motorists and would clash with medical marijuana guidelines signed last fall by Gov. Jerry Brown.

How they Pay Politicians to Get Pot Licenses

Council Makes Dispensary Choice (4 out of 5 councilmen took donations from pot business)


The well-funded Marijuana Industry, with its endless supply of lawyers and lobbyists has put Prop 64 – The Recreational Use of Marijuana – on our ballot. Nothing about Prop 64 is written in the public’s best interest.

A Blueprint for Countering Legal Marijuana

Hudson Institute: 2-27-17 David W. Murray, Brian Blake & John P. Walters. Countering the Threat of Legalized Marijuana: A Blueprint for Federal, Community and Private Action. No society has ever gone where America is now headed, with the current and coming level of acceptable, even normative, drug use. The marijuana epidemic comes at a time when America has already absorbed shocks from a multitude of parallel behavioral disorders and challenges to mental health, driven not only by the burdens of alcohol and tobacco use as behavioral disorders, but as well by continued methamphetamine use and sharply rising opioid and cocaine use that together constitute, as a now chronic condition, a larger crisis of substance abuse. A commercialized, aggressively-advertised drug market, flush with cash to deploy lobbyists and seek political protection in state and federal capitals, will hasten and institutionalize the capture of a new generation and thereby threaten new levels of abuse and mental disorder.

Countering the Threat of Legalized Marijuana: A Blueprint for Federal, Community, and Private Action

Recent reporting indicates that the Federal government will be taking a more serious approach to the marijuana threat and the enforcement of our nation’s drug laws. This is a welcome and long-overdue development, as the state-level legalization of marijuana is bringing with it significant and foreseeable costs.

Massachusetts Towns Keep Total Ban of Marijuana in Place

Why is the Quebec province of Canada issuing public health warnings about legalizing marijuana next year?

The Quebec Association of Psychiatric Physicians argues that based on their clinical experience, the bill is not acceptable in its current form and will expose young people to major mental health risks. AMPQ President Karine J. Igartua says scientific research shows that the human brain continues to grow until about age 25 and that regular cannabis use during this very sensitive period of brain maturation includes enormous risks. She said the risk of psychosis increases by 40 per cent for all those who have used cannabis in their lifetime and that consumption can precipitate the onset of the disease. One out of five marijuana smokers runs the risk of having a psychotic illness.

Quebec psychiatrists urge strict guidelines for marijuana bill

Quebec says it plans to hold a series of public consultations starting this summer on how to handle the legalization of cannabis in 2018. Ottawa has already tabled its bill legalizing the drug, but it will be up to the provinces to decide how it will be implemented.

Vermont Statehouse:  Professionals in Medicine, Education, Public Safety and Family Advocacy Speak Out Against Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Opposition 5/18/17

LIVE Stream Event: Governor Scott and Administration Officials COVID-19 Update 11/17/2020

How to Keep the Marijuana Industry Out of Your Community

Citizen activists around the country are successfully keeping cannabis out of their community. Working with their local city councils and health agencies they are protecting their youth and young adults from this predatory industry and the dangerous “pro-drug” message it pushes. Keep your community safe, get active and outspoken!

Consider this Doctor’s Perspective

“I have a very simple way to look at this burgeoning issue. Who exactly do we think is “safe” or reasonable to use cannabis? Certainly not airline pilots, bus drivers, law enforcement, doctors, nurses, & pharmacists? Right, they are all regulated & will likely lose their license, assuming they get caught. But what about Uber\Lyft drivers? What about school teachers, daycare workers, truck drivers, heavy machine operators? Or what about the 218M US drivers? Right, they are going to be responsible & not drive when acutely intoxicated. But unlike alcohol, there’s no objective way to determine that. So, do we put very driver in jail who tests positive for cannabis they used two weeks ago? So, for the people YOU count on every day to provide services to you & your family, who do you feel ok with them using cannabis on a regular basis? Might want to think about that the next time you sit down to get your hair cut. Problem is, when the general public thinks about voting YES for a pot referendum, they are just thinking about how THEY would use it (responsibly) & would never give it to teenagers. Apparently, they fail to understand how the world really works. Put a McDonalds on every corner & the world gets fat. Put a Pot Dispensary on every corner & the world (including kids) gets stoned. Well, at least kids can’t get sugary drinks in schools.” –Todd B.Taylor, MD    

After Canada Legalizes Nationwide, Communities are Opting Out

From SAM Canada activist, Pam McColl, “After some gentle urging over many months, my local town council did pass a resolution on Monday night. It is a “Resolution of opposition to the production and sale of cannabis on the City of Beaconsfield’s territory”. Full version to follow when it is published. I have asked my town to now issue a press release containing the text. So yes, towns & cities are taking some action.”    

Steamboat Springs, CO Votes to Keep Cannabis Out to Maintain Family-Friendly Tourism

A narrow win to keep pot out of Steamboat

Chris Woodward ( A Colorado town known as a popular winter ski destination has voted down a marijuana dispensary, drawing praise from a pro-family group. In a 4-3 vote Tuesday, the Steamboat City Council rejected an application by Rocky Mountain Remedies to open a store midway between downtown Steamboat Springs and the Steamboat Ski Resort on the outskirts of town.

Carpinteria City Council Votes to Extend Commercial Pot Moratorium

Carpinteria City Council Extends Moratorium on Commercial Cannabis Operations delivers local breaking news, local sports, schools, nonprofits, obituaries, business, arts and entertainment, calendar, local opinions and more.

Escondido City (near San Diego) Enacts Toughest Laws Against Cannabis Industry in State of California–

Alamosa Colorado Keeps Pot Clubs Out

Pot clubs prohibited

ALAMOSA – After hearing from 15 Alamosa residents urging them to pass the ordinance and one against it, the Alamosa city council on Wednesday night unanimously approved an ordinance permanently prohibiting marijuana consumption clubs in the city limits.

Calaveras County California Bans Cannabis Cultivation

Examples of Political Lobbying Efforts Against Legalization

  • Opposition Wins Battle to Keep Governor Scott’s VETO on Marijuana Recreational Legalization

PTA Head Speaks Against Recreational Legalization in NY

Video: The head of NY’s PTA expresses opposition to legalized marijuana

Kyle Belokopitsky, executive director of the state Parent Teacher Association, spoke out against recreational marijuana during a news conference in Albany on Feb. 7, 2019. © 2020 All rights reserved.

UK Expert Speaks Out

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