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Downstream Damage from California Marijuana Grows

Six Year Study Shows Contamination from Illegal Cannabis Grow Sites

California Legislature’s Effort to Add Warning Labels Torpedoed by Marijuana Industry

Read PRESS-RELEASE-for-SB-1097



California Billboards Promote Teen Use, Voters Never Intended This


Editorial: Billboards advertising pot broke Prop. 64’s promise. Don’t go back on the pledge to protect teens

Shielding teens from increased exposure to marijuana was a key selling point of the legalization plan California voters approved in 2016. The measure included “toughest-in-the-nation protections for children,” proponents said, by banning cannabis advertising aimed at those under age 21 and restricting where billboards can be placed.




Illegal Growers are Stealing California’s Water



Serial Arsonist Caught with Pot in California

Former university professor charged with arson near the Dixie Fire – Wildfire Today

A 47-year old man has been arrested for starting a vegetation fire not far from where the 501,000-acre Dixie Fire is burning in Northern California. Gary Stephen Maynard was charged with starting the Ranch Fire on August 7 and is suspected of starting the Moon and Conard Fires in the same area on August 5 and 7, respectively.

LA Times: Santa Barbara Now Stinks


The world’s largest pot farms, and how Santa Barbara opened the door

In a sandy draw of the Santa Rita Hills, a cannabis company is planning to erect hoop greenhouses over 147 acres – the size of 130 football fields – to create the largest legal marijuana grow on Earth. Across the Santa Ynez River, two miles away, a farmer is planting the planet’s second-biggest grow, at 83 acres.

Here is a letter to the editor of the Santa Barbara newspaper:

Santa Barbara Independent

By John Culbertson, Carpinteria Fri Jul 19, 2019 12:38am

Why No Protection?

The failure of Santa Barbara County government and Board of Supervisors to protect the residents of Carpinteria from unregulated proliferation of cannabis production continues. Schools and youth facilities are in close proximity to the grows, and children and families sleep within feet of cannabis production. Greed and desire for taxes has driven the Board of Supervisors and county government planning bureaucracy to divert any meaningful review of the situation by reporting on everything but the health of those breathing cannabis emissions 24/7 from cannabis factory farming that is a government-created problem in the first place. No other county in California has chosen to promote cannabis production next to bedrooms, schools, and youth facilities. In the interest of public health, it is time for intervention by a higher authority.

Honesty within the 1st District Supervisor’s office has become suspect, and the ability of county government to maintain an honest regulatory process is questionable. Political ties hamstring both county and state government, otherwise action would have been taken long ago.

The FBI is investigating alleged criminal behavior within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department. Perhaps it is time to ask the Department of Justice to investigate this failure to protect public health in Santa Barbara County by both the Board of Supervisors and Santa Barbara County government.

Marijuana’s Environmental Damage — video by Dr. Mourad Gabriel


Humboldt County Sheriff Details Problems Stemming from Legalized Marijuana</p> <p> </p> <h2>Breaking News! California Environmental Problems of Biblical Proportions</h2> <p>


Environmental Impacts of Illegal Marijuana Cultivation

Click here to see report by the California Land Trust:
Calif has 50,000 marijuana cultivation sites –California Land Trust Frontiers 6.1.2017

See also the Silent Poison page


Back Country Drug War — The Atlantic

Illegal Pot Farms are Poisoning California’s Forests

Illegal Pot Farms Are Poisoning California’s Forests

Secret growers are taking advantage of the state’s remote stretches of public land-and the environmental impact is severe. In the gray half-light of dawn, eight figures creep through the dry pine forest near Quincy, California. Seven of them wear camo uniforms bearing the logos of various government agencies: U.S.