Politicians Taking a Deep Dive into Marijuana Issue

Drug prevention activists are continually frustrated at the naivete of public policy makers on the dangers of marijuana. We are heartened by a new trend of politicians starting to question the marijuana ‘orthodoxy’ and looking more deeply into the science and negative human health outcomes in the states that are legalizing this drug. Here are


Vermont Medical Society Resolution on CBD

VERMONT MEDICAL SOCIETY RESOLUTION Regulation of Cannabidiol (CBD) Proposed Amendment for VMS Council, Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019 WHEREAS, safety concerns exist for prescribed federally-regulated cannabidiol (Epidiolex) including: hepatocellular injury and necrosis,  hepatic toxicity and histologic evidence of necrosis, suicidal behavior and ideation, somnolence and sedation,  hypersensitivity, drug interactions, and possible risk of DNA damage and