“Medical” Marijuana

Marijuana a Toxic Substance

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Twitter Bots Spread Disinformation About Cannabis Health Benefits

Twitter bots tout cannabis as a cure-all despite few approved medical uses

(Reuters Health) – Social media bots are promoting cannabis as a remedy for everything from cancer to insomnia and foot pain, according to an analysis of posts on Twitter.

Hemp & Cannabidiol: What is a Medicine? by R. L. Hilderbrand PhD

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Birth of an industry:

NORML and the proof behind the truth: how the scam of “Medical” Marijuana was sold to the public.

Has the “Medical” in Marijuana Qualified Pot for Rescheduling? – Parents Opposed to Pot

If you tell a lie long enough, people start believing it’s the truth. We found a “medical” marijuana box in the middle of the soaps and toiletries of a gift shop in a state where lobbyists have been trying to commercialize “medical” marijuana through the state legislature.

Medical Pros: Toke At Your Own Risk

Doctors say health concerns for pot are worse than we think. 4:51 PM, AUG 19, 2016, By ALICE B. LLOYD “Leaders in the health sector from Washington state and Colorado, where marijuana’s recreational use is widespread and often ineffectively regulated, know enough by now to take a step back and consider the ill effects. They presented findings and concerns on the health effects of cannabis Thursday afternoon at a National Academy of Sciences committee meeting in Washington, D.C. Dr. Leslie Walker, chief of adolescent medicine at Seattle Children’s Hospital, added her pediatric view to a Colorado public health official’s report of pot users coming to the ER with grave physical symptoms. “For kids, it’s actually not uncommon. We have a number of them in the hospital at the same time. It’s not just the long-term users,” she said. The disruption of a growing brain’s normal development is a heavy concern. Walker observed that research of particularly tragic cases has established links between schizophrenia and adolescent marijuana use. “People who use fifty times or more were much more likely to have a diagnosis of schizophrenia than people who had never used,” she said. “The other part which is concerning,” Walker added, “is there are poorer treatment outcomes when you compare them to adult users.”

Medical Pros: Toke At Your Own Risk

Leaders in the health sector from Washington state and Colorado, where marijuana’s recreational use is widespread and often ineffectively regulated, know enough by now to take a step back and consider the ill effects. They presented findings and concerns on the health effects of cannabis Thursday…

Marijuana Summit held in Cody, Wyoming April, 2017

Wyoming has yet to fall to legalizing “medical” marijuana. The reason why marijuana legislation remains not on the radar is because of education to some of the professionals who need to realize the harms from marijuana use. AMERICANS need to listen to why this state is WAY ahead of most other states- marijuana is NOT harmless, NOR benign. Powell Police Chief Roy Eckerdt said after this week’s summit, “The biggest key in the conversation you hear nationally is nobody has died from marijuana. And there is probably some truth to that. It’s the use of marijuana that creates the psychosis that leads into an event that causes the death, which is what I understand that event was.


DailyMail.com: By Reuters and Jordan-Gass-Poore

College students ‘are at a higher risk of using marijuana than their peers who are not enrolled’

Among college students, the proportion that started using marijuana ranged from 13 per cent to 17 per cent between 1977 and 2012, then those numbers crept up to 31 per cent in 2013, 41 per cent in 2014 – and 51 per cent in 2015. Marijuana use among US college students is at a 38-year high, the study found. ‘We have been expecting marijuana use to increase among young adults,’ lead author Richard Miech told Reuters Health in an email. Young adults today as compared to those of the past are less likely to hold the belief that occasional marijuana use will negatively affect their health, said Miech, a researcher at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. ‘We’ve seen again and again that when this belief trends down then marijuana use increases, and, conversely, that when this belief trends up then marijuana use declines,’ Miech said.]

Trump indicated where he stands on medical marijuana for the first time

​​​​​President Donald Trump issued his first statement on medical marijuana since he took office. Trump on Friday signed a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill that will keep the federal government funded through September 30.

Marijuana has little benefit for sleep, in long term can cause insomnia

“Current literature examining the impact of THC and CBD on sleep shows that there are minimal to no benefits.”

Weed may not ease sleep problems, especially for regular users, studies say

Contrary to popular opinion, a new study adds to existing evidence that smoking weed may not help sleep, especially for frequent users.

New Study of Emergency Room Patients in Colorado

ACP Journals

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Proof of a Cancer Worsened by Marijuana

How Marijuana Accelerates Growth of HPV-related Head and Neck Cancer Identified

​University of California San Diego School of Medicine researchers have identified the molecular mechanism activated by the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the ingredient that causes people to feel the euphoria or “high” associated with cannabis – in the bloodstream that accelerates cancer growth in patients with human papillomavirus (HPV)-positive head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

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