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They say marijuana doesn’t kill anyone. We wish that were true. These are our stories.

Regular use of cannabis can increase the risk of psychosis and schizophrenia. Young people are at greatest risk.

Cannabis Poses a Risk for Mental Health Problems and Suicide. These testimonials and the scientific research are convincing. Marijuana Kills.

Shane was my first-born son who grew into a handsome 6’4” young man. He always seemed larger than life and he had a big heart, infectious smile, and zest for life. He excelled at sports, especially water sports, from a young age. Shane was a very normal, healthy teen and even weathered a back injury and surgery which made high school team sports no longer possible–so he transferred his athletic skills to wakeboarding !

When Shane moved away from home at age 19, he began using recreational marijuana (unbeknownst to his family). At age 22, Shane endured prolonged physical rehab to his knee following a serious boating accident. It was later realized Shane had increased his use of pot as he was intolerant of the prescription pain medications.

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My son Daniel was the most kind hearted, friendliest person ever. This boy didn’t have a mean bone in his body, he even kept mom in check. His father and I divorced when he was 16 yrs old. I never burdened him with my problems, just wanted him to grow up healthy and happy. We moved within the same neighborhood after my separation when he was a sophomore in high school. He was always up on his responsibilities, started working after HS graduation at our local movie theater and attending our local college in Moorpark CA, and even became the manager at the theater after a couple of years of being on the job. He ALWAYS took his responsibilities seriously, NEVER called in sick to work nor to his classes at the college.

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The new book, Gone to Suicide tells the story of marijuana induced psychosis which led to Brant’s suicide. Now available on Amazon and from major booksellers.

When my son Brant was 17 years old, he had an experience with marijuana that triggered a sudden,major change in his mental state. Overnight, he felt permanently damaged and even ruined. During the next three days it became apparent that his deteriorating condition was the result of a psychotic break, and it soon led to emergency care at two hospitals. While many people smoke marijuana with no immediate adverse effect, it can be psychologically harmful and even devastating to a small portion of the population, especially teens like my son and young adults.

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Just a few of the tragic stories told on our website…

Oregon Mom Laments Legalization

By Maggie   Originally published on My husband and I have four sons.  Our oldest, Trevor is 16.  It gives me a great deal of pleasure and emotion to be able to write this letter, because he has overcome so much in the last six months....

We Lost Ben at Age 21

Our son, Ben, died from a growing wave of modern substance abuse issues which directly impacted his mental health on May 19, 2020. Growing up Ben was full of energy, had a great sense of humor, loved basketball, gaming on his computer, cars and...

Five Tons of Steel Were Dropped on Me

Steel I-beams came crashing down on me crushing my legs.  The person behind the wheel of the crane was high on marijuana.  Because this person was high, they did not respond like a normal person who almost killed someone would.  In a...

Once an Ambitious, Motivated, Honor Roll Student Athlete

I am JT’s aunt and raised him. Both his parents didn't raise or tend to him. JT was once an ambitious, motivated honor roll student. He loved playing sports (baseball, football, and basketball), was par to the beta club, and was college bound. He...

“Oh, It’s Only Marijuana”

When Colorado’s Amendment 64 passed, my son, Johnny, celebrated with his friends. They wrote 4/20 all over their bodies and clothes.  He was only 12 then, and now he’s 16.  I was familiar with the problems with smoking marijuana and educated my son...

Marijuana Caused my Son’s Mental Illness

I BELIEVE POT IS WHAT CAUSED MY SON’S MENTAL ILLNESS I saw your website and I am so sorry for what everyone has been through. I thought I would share my son’s story. Thankfully my son is still with us but I believe pot is what caused his mental...

“Not JUST Pot Anymore”

He was an above average student. He had many friends. He was a gifted athlete. His counselor told him he could essentially go to any college with his grades and accomplishments.  At 14 he began smoking pot. By the time he was 17 he was exhibiting...

High Potency Pot Took My Son

by Laura Stack I’m sharing my direct experience of my 19-year-old son, Johnny Stack, who used high-potency marijuana, which triggered psychosis, which led to his suicide. Johnny was 14 years old when legal recreational marijuana came to Colorado....

Marijuana Anxiety and Psychosis Led to my Son’s Suicide

My son Daniel was the most kind hearted, friendliest person ever. This boy didn't have a mean bone in his body, he even kept mom in check. His father and I divorced when he was 16 yrs old. I never burdened him with my problems, just wanted him to...

How Marijuana Ruined My Daughter

I would like to include my experiences I've had with my now almost 18 year old daughter and her obsession with marijuana. I've almost lost her twice, first from a drug dealer and then by her ex boyfriend who would violently fight with her. I pray...

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New Brunswick Medical Society of Canada Warns Against Marijuana Use.


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