Politicians Taking a Deep Dive into Marijuana Issue

Drug prevention activists are continually frustrated at the naivete of public policy makers on the dangers of marijuana. We are heartened by a new trend of politicians starting to question the marijuana ‘orthodoxy’ and looking more deeply into the science and negative human health outcomes in the states that are legalizing this drug. Here are a few recent reports.

Nebraska Governor Takes Strong Stand on Marijuana Issue

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Arizona introduces bill to cap
medical marijuana THC levels at 2 percent


The marijuana industry is reacting strongly to a bill introduced by 15 members of the Arizona Legislature that would cap THC content of medical marijuana sold in the state’s dispensaries at 2 percent. We can say that because we could find no press coverage of the bill except that published by the marijuana industry press, which must be read with a healthy dose of skepticism, especially about medical issues, considering the source.

Other provisions of the bill include a call for warning labels on all products, based on the Surgeon General’s warnings issued last year that there are no safe levels of marijuana use for pregnant women, nursing mothers, or adolescents.

Read HCR 2045 here.



Florida House Speaker Wants THC Cap on Medical Marijuana


“And we’re starting to learn that this has some schizophrenia-type results, and especially in young developing brains. And so it is, in fact, a priority for us.” –Florida House Speaker, Jose Oliva




Arizona Authorities Caution about Marijuana Vaping




Florida Lawmakers Learn about Marijuana Dangers from National Expert




Vermont Legislature Holds Hearing -Explores Downside of Marijuana




See more videos from the Vermont cannabis dangers hearing.


While learning of marijuana harms doesn’t always result in good public policy, at least the politicians are being forewarned. In Washington state they succumbed to political pressure from the marijuana lobby. Something they may soon regret.


Washington State Attempts to Ban Cannabis Concentrates