Montana Law Enforcement Addresses Marijuana Issue


Law enforcement addresses legal recreational cannabis

Jan. 1 was the one-year anniversary of the legalization of recreational marijuana sales in some Montana counties. In recent years, the 1929 federal prohibition of marijuana has gradually eased as various states have legalized both medical and recreational use.



Consumer Alert! Hemp Entering our Food Supply!

Review this Power Point Presentation about hemp being allowed in our food supply.


What does the word hemp mean-11-14-22-Rev. 1

Dangerous Drug Cartels Moving into Pot Legal States

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Canada Warns about Air Travel Safety

Canadian pilots warned to stay off cannabis for 28 days

The requirement, which came into place in June 2019, stems from a policy decision made by Canada’s transport regulator. Transport Canada’s indicates that no person should work while “under the influence of any drug,” which naturally extends to cannabis and this is pertinent given the popularity of cannabis related products in the country ( according to City News, retailers across Canada are struggling with a shortage of all cannabis related products).

UK Charity Warns of Mental Health Risk

Charity warns over ‘safe’ legalisation of cannabis

One in 20 adults would take cannabis on a regular basis if it were legalised, similar to the number of people who currently use it, according to a poll for a leading mental health charity. A YouGov poll conducted for Rethink Mental Illness found that 5% of all UK adults would take cannabis at least once a month or more if it were legal.