Edible Overdose at California Junior High School

Multiple Van Nuys Middle School students treated after ingesting cannabis edibles

Rachel Kim reports from Van Nuys, where 10 students were treated for potential overdose symptoms after reportedly ingesting cannabis edibles on Thursday. Seven of those students were hospitalized with mild to moderate symptoms.

Connecticut Police Nab Illegal Edibles Guy, Warn Parents

Police Trying To Prevent Kids From Being Pot-Poisoned

BRANFORD, CT – Packaged to appeal to kids, these are no Scooby treats. Dubbed ‘edibles,’ the candies and cookies have many times the recommended adult dose of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. This is no the now popular and commonplace ‘CBD,’ which is the a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis that doesn’t produce the high found in THC.

Marijuana Edibles: States Bite Off More Than They Can Chew

By: Carleen Wild, Updated Dec. 19 2016. HEALTHZETTE Her biggest concerns for users are the negative mental health outcomes — including psychosis and suicidal intent. “We stand to lose a generation to this drug,” she said. “About 5 percent of the weekly to daily users [of the high-strength product] can expect to develop chronic psychosis, and again, you cannot predict who is going to be at risk. Lesser impacts that are often preludes to the more serious outcomes include anxiety, depression and panic,” said Miller.

Marijuana Edibles: States Bite Off More Than They Can Chew

Just a tiny amount of a marijuana edible may put someone over a level considered “safe.” Check out this news story: [lz_ndn video=31646303] Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper continues to warn his counterparts in other pro-marijuana states that there are problems – especially with edibles.

Pot Edibles Brought to School Poisoned Children

Philadelphia students sickened from cereal bars laced with pot

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Several Philadelphia students became sick after eating baked goods that were laced with drugs. Officers were called to Rudolph Blankenburg Elementary School in the city’s Parkside section around 12:30 Wednesday. A 13-year-old student had gone to the nurse complaining of stomach pains and hallucinations.

Unsuspecting Wedding Guests Ingest Pot, Get Poisoned

Wedding Guests Recover After Getting Sick At Moreno Valley Reception

MORENO VALLEY (CBSLA) – The wedding guests were having a good time – eating, dancing, toasting the happy couple – just before people started getting sick. KCAL9’s Laurie Perez reported from the Moreno Valley Medical Center where many of the guests were rushed.

Watch Video Testimony from a wedding guest.

Australian Mom and Two Young Children are Poisoned by Pot Brownie from Local Cafe


Two Toddlers Hospitalized after Eating THC Laced Gummie Candies


Four children hospitalized after eating marijuana laced edibles

Kids hospitalized after eating brownies at party. Man laced them with pot, cops say

Four children were hospitalized in serious condition after eating brownies that a man admitted he’d laced with marijuana for his own use, sheriff’s investigators said. The 911 call on Sunday came in as a drug overdose.