Marijuana and its affects on the brain can cause plenty of mayhem in society. Marijuana is known for causing property crimes like looting, theft, graffiti, arson, and violent crimes like assaults and murder. This page will highlight recent cases of marijuana-related mayhem.

Former university professor charged with arson near the Dixie Fire – Wildfire Today

A 47-year old man has been arrested for starting a vegetation fire not far from where the 501,000-acre Dixie Fire is burning in Northern California. Gary Stephen Maynard was charged with starting the Ranch Fire on August 7 and is suspected of starting the Moon and Conard Fires in the same area on August 5 and 7, respectively.


Illegal marijuana farms take West’s water in ‘blatant theft’ – ABC News – Cannabis Industry – News, Events and Cannabis UK

LA PINE, Ore. – Jack Dwyer pursued a dream of getting back to the land by moving in 1972 to an idyllic, tree-studded parcel in Oregon with a creek running through it. “We were going to grow our own food. We were going to live righteously. We were going to grow organic,” Dwyer said.

San Francisco Restaurant Delays Opening Due to Pot Partying Burglars

San Francisco restaurant forced to delay opening after burglars throw wild party: report

A Japanese restaurant set to open in San Francisco early this month now has to push back that date after being burglarized by thieves who also hosted a large party inside, a report says. The owners of a new Ramen Hiroshi location in the city’s financial district told KTVU they approached the restaurant over the weekend only to find its windows covered with paper.