moms-strong-logo shares the stories of victims of marijuana, whether they have suffered mental or physical harms that can possibly be surmounted with time or, as represented by the below quilts, events like suicide, polydrug use with accidental overdose, fatal car crashes, and acute cardiac failures that leave a devastated family behind. We put together three memorial quilts to honor some of these victims. Our memorial quilts warn of cannabis dangers.

Combined Quilt:  This latest version combines the first two quilts and adds some new victims of marijuana. Please contact MomsStrong if you would like the marijuana-related death of a son or daughter included in future quilts.

Jully 2024 Moms Strong Quilt

July 2023

Second Quilt: The Many Ways Marijuana Kills Quilt


To download the full size artwork, click here:  24″X40″ Quilt

First Quilt: The Many Ways Marijuana Kills-Memorial Quilt


Second Quilt: Remembering Our Children Memorial Quilt