On August 25, the DailyMail.com released a breaking news article to its huge readership of many millions of people. The article focuses on information that warns of marijuana’s negative health and psycho-social outcomes, and also focuses on a University of Minnesota study finding that states legalizing recreational marijuana have experienced a 20 percent jump in users. The Daily Mail author, James Reinl, interviewed one of our Moms Strong mothers, Ann Clark, and the article includes quotes from her, photos of her son Brant, and information about his cannabis-induced psychosis and suicide. We hope that you will read this important article!

Cannabis Use Jumps 20% in States that have Legalized


Brant Clark


Aubree Adams


Aubree Adams, another MomsStrong mom was interviewed and her family’s story featured on August 30 on several influential Fox News shows reporting a study finding that high THC products are linked to psychosis. The segments also share the story of Ethan Andrew, is a courageous young man who recovered from cannabis induced psychosis (CIP).

Marijuana High THC Levels Linked to Addiction and Psychiatric Illness, Study Finds

This latest article hits the hardest. How Weed Became the New OxyContin is a great one for sharing in social media to help warn others about the dangers of cannabis.

To learn more about these moms (and Dads), read Ann Clark’s powerful book, Gone to Suicide and follow Aubree Adams and Bart Bright on EveryBrainMatters.org.