Our Mission

Moms Strong is a national support group partnering to inform and educate those harmed by marijuana.

“Why Moms Strong is Opposed to Pot Legalization”

Moms Strong is opposed to marijuana legalization. We believe freedom to use marijuana infringes on the freedoms of others to be safe from the consequences of increased use, including increased use of high potency products by youth, increased homelessness with its attendant impacts on quality of life, increased traffic fatalities caused by marijuana impaired drivers, increased rates of psychosis diverting Emergency Department care from other patients, and in too many cases, increased rates of psychotic violence towards others. In any jurisdiction that has implemented legalization so far, it has been proven impossible to achieve stabilization of marijuana use, much less a reduction in use as compared to states without legalization. Thus, the practical impact means harm to society at large and to teens and young adults in particular.

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