DEA: Teen depression and suicide linked to marijuana use

More and more research suggests the high potency of THC or marijuana is having dangerous impacts on the developing brains of teenagers. Teens who use cannabis could be at a higher risk of experiencing depression and attempting suicide.

JeffCo teen high on LSD dies in car crash; father says school could’ve warned him but didn’t

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. – The father of a teen boy who killed himself by smashing his car into a street pole while high on LSD and THC says his son’s school could have warned him about his son’s psychedelic drug use but didn’t. “It’s the worst thing anybody could go through, and when you find […]

Marijuana # 1 Substance found in Teen Suicides in Colorado

The above graph is a screen shot from the Colorado Public Health and Environment report available at this website: Colorado Violent Death Reporting System. To find the above graph, go to the below Colorado website and click on the box that lists “methods, circumstances and toxicology” and then click on the box for 15-19 years olds. The marijuana data will appear.

Why Moms Strong Exists

While it may be distressing to read of suicides of young people, we feel it is important that parents, the general public, and politicians are made aware of one of the worst consequences of marijuana use. The two stories below, are written by the founders of, who lost their beloved sons to marijuana-related suicide.