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Mental Health Videos

Psychiatric Problems from Drug Use

Healthy and Productive Michigan - Dr. Phyllis Boniface MD

A doctors perspective on the harms of recreational marijuana legalization in Michigan. Paid for with regulated funds by Healthy and Productive Michigan, P.O....

Marijuana and Mental Health

Mental Health & Marijuana / Anti Marijuana Educational Video

Mental Health & Marijuana / Anti Marijuana Educational Video. Public service announcement public domain video: ONDCP Press Conference: Marijuana and Your Tee...

Mental Health Risks

Marijuana Symposium Opening Session

Keynote speakers: Dr. Kevin Sabet and Dr. David Murray

Cannabis and Psychosis 1 Minute Video

Schizophrenia Society of Canada // Cannabis & Psychosis

We worked with the Schizophrenia Society to make this wacky little ditty to raise awareness about the connection between smoking weed and the onset of psychosis.

Neuropsychiatrist Explains Brain Harms
Marijuana and Madness
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Brain Health 101