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Chronic State -The Impact of Unleashing the Marijuana Industry in Your Community

Chronic State

How marijuana normalization impacts communities

Vermont Town Hall–Marijuana Commercialization
Colorado Sheriff on Impact of Legalized Marijuana

Pro Pueblo, Sheriff Kirk Taylor , Impact of legalized marijuana

Pueblo, Colorado has experienced the negative consequences of legalized marijuana. The harms and the costs are minimized by the marijuana industry, their inv...

Massachusetts– Marijuana: Addiction, Mental Health and Policy

MAPA video

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Debate: Should We Drug Test Students?

Attorneys clash over drug testing middle schoolers: Turning officials into 'probation officers'

Is drug testing middle school students an excessive form of security or is it an effective way to keep schools free of bad influences? That was the debate that two attorneys had while appearing on "Fox & Friends" on Saturday.

Aubree Adams of Moms Strong Asks Vermont Not to Legalize

Aubree Adams, Pueblo Colorado mom speaks out against legalizing marijuana

Aubree sheds light on the truth that legalizing marijuana increases the illegal market and does kill. She shares some of the stories of the people who have l...

Stop Promotion of Marijuana

A Colorado mom pleads with Governor Scott of Vermont to not legalize marijuana