Moms Strong Founder Explains Why Organization Began in 2016

Marijuana effects led to my son’s psychotic breaks and death.

Marijuana can cause psychosis and result in suicide. Lori Robinson is the founder of Moms Strong ( We tell our stories to unmask the marijuana charade. cofounder speaks to Fox and Friends about her son’s marijuana-related suicide.

Military mom warns about the dangers of medical marijuana

Sally Schindel says her son committed suicide because of his marijuana use.

Colorado Mom: Not Just a Little Pot

Not Just A Little Pot

5 Minutes of Courage

Marijuana Nearly Killed My Son

Colorado mom says “Wake Up!” Don’t legalize marijuana, it almost killed my son.

Another Colorado mom shares the harmful effects of marijuana. Marijuana lead to her son being suicidal and psychotic.

My Son’s Use of Marijuana was Followed by a Psychotic Break and His Suicide Two Weeks Later

I am sorry for what I have done to my self. I wasn’t thinking the night I smoked myself out.

Courageous Colorado mom describes how marijuana lead to her son’s death by suicide. Marijuana caused a psychotic break. Brant left a note stating: “I am sorry for what I have done to my self. I wasn’t thinking the night I smoked myself out.”

Colorado Mom warns other states “don’t legalize marijuana” 

My Family has been Deeply Impacted by the Legalization of Marijuana

Colorado mom would support an repeal to the dangerous marijuana polices in Colorado. Marijuana was both her kids gateway drugs

My Son Died of a Heroin Overdose, He Started with Marijuana

Colorado mom. Marijuana was my son’s gateway drug.

This Colorado mom lost her son, Matt, to an accidental overdose and marijuana was her son’s gateway drug. Matt agreed about a week before his death that marijuana was his gateway drug. Also listen the the other harms legalizing marijuana has caused Colorado. More crime, more cartels, more homelessness, and more drugs.

A Father in Vermont Speaks on Behalf of the Vulnerable

Marijuana triggered my son’s psychotic break at the age of 21

Listen to Ron Coppola described what happen to his son. Marijuana triggered his son psychosis and now he has schizophrenia (prolonged psychosis). Ron is right, his story will not be seen on the national news.

California Mom Films Educational Documentary after Son’s Marijuana Psychosis Problems

NBC’s Conan Nolan interviews producer/director Jody Belsher “Other Side of Cannabis” – a research film into the cause of her son’s psychotic break from using marijuana (cannabis). She describes traveling around the country to meet with researchers, rehab counselors, other parents whose teen/young adult kids suffered similar devastating psychiatric harms, including suicide, as well as youth who share their struggles with marijuana from the negative effects upon their young, developing brains.

NewsConference EXTRA: What You Don’t Know About Pot

Documentarian Jody Belsher on a very personal tale of “The Other Side of Cannabis: Negative Effects of Marijuana on Our Youth”. Her son became addicted to marijuana and suffered psychotic break. She started asking a lot of questions. Her documentary is what she discovered.

Negative Effects of Marijuana on Our Youth. Other Side of Cannabis Documentary.

THE OSC DOCUMENTARY film on the negative effects of marijuana on our youth–adolescents, teenagers and young adults whose brains are still forming. Other Side of Cannabis

Journalist Loses Son to Polysubstance Abuse

The lie that marijuana never hurt anybody is refuted by this father.

The lie that marijuana never hurt anybody- Joe Tilton

A heartbreaking story from a father. Vote NO on Proposal 18-1 Learn more at

Podcaster Heidi Swan Q&A with Dr. Christine Miller, psychosis researcher and Lori Robinson whose son experienced psychosis from cannabis use.

THC products on the young brain; does it really raise the risk for psychotic disorders?

Heidi Anderson-Swan: THC products on the young brain; does it really raise the risk for psychotic disorders and suicide in the average person? Ask Dr. Christine Miller, neuroscientist and schizophrenia researcher, and Lori Robinson, founder of, whose son experienced cannabis-induced psychotic breaks in his early twenties and ended his own life by age 25.

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