Medical Experts Testify to Vermont Legislature

Colorado expert, Dr. Libby Stuyt, Educates Vermonters On Commercial Marijuana

Marijuana commercialization and normalization is harming Colorado residents of all ages. Addiction, psychosis, and suicides are increasing and the regulated …

Does Cannabis Increase Depression and Suicide

Dr. Libby Stuyt, and Addiction Psychiatrist and expert, from Pueblo Colorado, explains how marijuana increases the risk for depression and suicide after the …

High Potency Marijuana Addicting Our Kids

Dr. Libby Stuyt is an Addiction Psychiatrist from Pueblo Colorado, where she treats many people addicted to marijuana. She explains, despite great parenting …

Any Move Forward to Commercialize Marijuana Is Being Done Despite The Public Health Impact

Conversations About Marijuana Dr. David Rettew explains to Vermonters the devastating impact of marijuana. Commercializing marijuana profit from the next pub…

Dr. Rettew Explains Vermont’s Youth Are Using More Marijuana Since Legalization

Vermont’s Youth Marijuana Use Has Increased Since Legalization. Now, Dr. Rettwe fears more youth will use more marijuana if Vermont commercializes marijuana.

The Science on Marijuana and Psychosis

Dr. Christine Miller, molecular neuroscientist and schizophrenia researcher explains the connection between cannabis use and psychosis. Schizophrenia is when psychosis becomes permanent.

Does marijuana cause psychosis? Yes, Dr. Christine Miller explains how.

Dr. Christine Miller explains that you don’t need to lace your marijuana with anything, it is the main actor that causes psychosis. Learn more at

Dr. Kenn Finn, pain medicine expert speaks to Catholic Physicians of Houston

Lessons from Colorado Medical Marijuana

Implications of Cannabis as Medicine: Lessons From Colorado Kenneth Finn, MD Address to the Houston Texas Catholic Healthcare Professionals Society on Medica…

Dr. Sharon Levy: Effects of Marijuana on Youth

Sharon Levy, MD, MPH is Director, Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) and Assistant Professor in Pediatrics

Effects of Marijuana on Youth

Tell us about your experience with this online video, click here. Dr. Sharon Levy of Boston Children’s Hospital discusses the effects of marijuana on youth with Grand Isle-Chittenden County Representative Ben Joseph.

Emergency Room Doctor in Colorado Sees Psychosis and Mental Illness Related to Marijuana

Marijuana Misconceptions: An Interview with Dr. Roberts

Dr. Brad Roberts, a Pueblo native and emergency room doctor, speaks to Smart Colorado about the misconceptions youth and young adults have around marijuana a…

Marijuana Impacts on a Colorado Community: An Interview with Dr. Roberts

Dr. Brad Roberts, a Pueblo native and emergency room doctor, speaks to Smart Colorado about returning to his hometown to find how marijuana has impacted his …

Marijuana ER Admissions and What Follows: An Interview with Dr. Roberts

Dr. Brad Roberts, a Pueblo native and emergency room doctor, speaks to Smart Colorado about the experiences he has witnessed first hand in the Pueblo Emergen…

The Correlation Between Ultra-Potent Pot and Psychosis

Dr. Brad Roberts, a Pueblo native and emergency room doctor, speaks to Smart Colorado about the correlation between ultra-potent pot and psychosis.

San Diego Doctor Reports on Marijuana Poisoning

Dr. Lev is the Medical Director of Emergency Medicine at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego. She describes how everyday she treats daily marijuana poisoning: from cyclical vomiting syndrome- a condition resulting in terrible wretching (vomiting) and severe abdominal pain caused by regular marijuana use, she treats someone in acute psychosis and agitation associated with marijuana use. Dr Lev has treated cancer patients who ate a marijuana brownie thinking it would help with nausea from chemotherapy, only to land an admission to the hospital for chest pain and palpitations; and the most reprehensible consequence from marijuana is when Dr Lev has to place a child on life support for marijuana ingestion.

In opposition to Prop 64: Doctor Lev

Dr. Lev is the director of operations of the Scripps Mercy Emergency Department, San Diego campus. She has been practicing medicine at the hospital since 199…

Cost of Addiction

Catherine Antley, M.D., speaks about the true cost of marijuana addiction.

Cost of Addiction Part One

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Part 2 The Cost of Addiction

The Science of Effective Prevention: The Costs of Addiction Part 1

Dr. Catherine Antley and Dave Evans discuss the costs of addiction and legalizing marijuana.

Scientific Evidence that Marijuana Causes Psychosis

Catherine Antley, M.D. as part of her series on the Costs of Addiction, shares the science compiled by Dr. Christine Miller.

Costs of Legalizing and Commercializing Marijuana. Marijuana is a Causal factor for Psychosis

Marijuana can cause psychosis, suicides, and violence. Dr. Catherine Antley describes the science that supports THC as a causal factor for psychosis. Then, S…

Dr. Catherine Antley’s series on Costs of Marijuana continues, this video focuses on cost to families.

Increased Medical Costs Resulting from Legal Marijuana

Dr. Karen Randall, Emergency Physician reveals the skyrocketing medical costs on the Colorado medical system.

Legalizing and Commercializing Marijuana leads to an increase in medical costs.

Dr. Karen Randall describes some of the costs of legal marijuana in her community of Pueblo Colorado, including marijuana psychosis, suicide, cannabinoid hyp…

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