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Docs to senators: add psychosis to cannabis warning label

Legislation A letter from a group of Vermont doctors wants the Senate Judiciary Committee to add the risk of psychosis to the cannabis product warning labels. The committee will consider H548, regulations for cannabis establishments, Thursday at 9:30 am.

The public safety warning (on right) recently ran in the Wall Street Journal by a group of concerned doctors. It was published on November 6 and 7th, 2021.


Illegal marijuana farms take West’s water in ‘blatant theft’ – ABC News


Illegal marijuana farms take West’s water in ‘blatant theft’ – ABC News – Cannabis Industry – News, Events and Cannabis UK

LA PINE, Ore. – Jack Dwyer pursued a dream of getting back to the land by moving in 1972 to an idyllic, tree-studded parcel in Oregon with a creek running through it. “We were going to grow our own food. We were going to live righteously. We were going to grow organic,” Dwyer said.


People Magazine reports the Johnny Stack Story

His mother Laura stack is warning the public about high potency marijuana products, dabbing and vaping.

Mom Loses Son, 19, to Suicide and Warns Others of High-Potency Marijuana Addiction: ‘I’m So Angry’

Laura Stack’s son Johnny died by suicide after five years of addiction to high-potency marijuana On the night Johnny Stack decided to take his life in November 2019, he drove his car to the top floor a six-story parking garage near his home in Lone Tree, Colo., turned off the engine and sat there staring at the numbers on his odometer.

Aubree Adams Opinion Runs in USA Today

The US national newspaper is finally paying attention to the victims of marijuana, like Aubree and her family.


Marijuana legalization was a mistake. Highly concentrated pot is destroying my son’s life.

I absolutely loved living in Colorado. Family-oriented Pueblo is the state’s best-kept secret. Lake Pueblo, Pueblo Mountain Park and Devil’s Canyon are perfect places to hike. We lived in an old Craftsman home in the historic district, with a beautiful garden and wonderful neighbors. I felt like I was living in a dream.

Mom Who Lost Daughter to Marijuana-Impaired Driver Speaks Out

Corinne LaMarca-Gasper Asks for Politicians to Reject Marijuana Banking

Mother of woman killed by ‘high’ driver: Brown must stop marijuana banking to save others.

I received the worst news a parent can get nine years ago: my 22-year-old daughter had been killed in a car crash. Even more heartbreaking was the fact that my daughter’s death could have been avoided if the other driver hadn’t been high on marijuana.