Sadly, the quilt continues to expand, with every new victim. As we keep adding squares, we are imagining ways that this quilt can have a bigger impact.  We don’t want any more victims of the propaganda that “marijuana is safer than alcohol.”

What if you could print this on paper or canvas and  to display publicly? Who would you influence? This would be perfect for the following situations:

Marijuana prevention speaker set up display near podium

Testimony at a hearing visual display on table

Health teacher – display in classroom

Guidance or Addiction counselor – display in waiting room

PTA Meetings, Church Health Fairs, County Fairs, Kiwanis Clubs, Big Brothers and Sisters Clubs

What other uses can you think of?


Recently, the quilt was used in a protest rally outside of a marijuana dispensary in Maryland. We hope you will find a way to distribute this in your community.

Education of our young people is critical. And education of parents and teachers is the best place to start. Think about what you can do to share the quilt!