New Research confirms danger of even casual cannabis use for teenagers. The Sunday Times in Scotland and the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail newspaper both report on an important study. Even casual use of cannabis can lead to a six-fold increased risk of schizophrenia. After Scotland decriminalized marijuana, hospital admissions for psychiatric issues soared. See below links to these important articles.

“We do need to worry about young people”: Doctors reveal surge in psychosis linked to cannabis – The Sunday Post

The number of Scots suffering mental illness linked to cannabis has surged since use of the drug was effectively decriminalised. Figures reveal the number of users being hospitalised because of psychiatric issues has climbed by 74% since 2016 when police began warning those caught with the drug for their own use.

Teenagers cannabis smokers ‘6 times more likely to get schizophrenia’

Researchers found smoking infrequently carries a high risk of schizophrenia Cannabis use less than twice a week was as risky as smoking the drug daily Comes after psychiatric admissions for cannabis use soared in Scotland Teens who occasionally use cannabis are just as likely to develop schizophrenia as daily smokers, a study has claimed.