This is our second Moms Strong Quilt. Go to our Quilts page to see both. On both quilts, we share with you the tributes of parents to the children they loved and nurtured. These parents loved and sacrificed, only to have their children’s lives taken in their prime by the disease of addiction or by the careless acts of another, such as the case of a DUID traffic death.


Contrary to what the marijuana activists say, marijuana does indeed kill. We who are suffering the loss of a beloved child or family member can attest to that. This is the second memorial quilt designed by MomsStrong, to bring the threat of marijuana harms into stark relief.


We thank the parents who so bravely share these cautionary tales, with the hope of educating others about the dangers of cannabis. We grieve alongside them and hope that their happy memories will comfort them.



To see the quilt in a larger format, please click here: Memorial Quilt 2


Note: a larger digital file is available upon request.


Click here to see the original Moms Strong quilt.


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This memorial quilt is a reminder of the dangers of cannabis.