My heart goes out to those that have lost a child. It is absolutely a parent’s worst nightmare. 


My 24-year-old son had his first psychotic break 2 years ago. He was diagnosed with bipolar 1. The weed was not considered that big of a deal. His first doctor even recommended it for anxiety. Two other doctors said he should probably quit smoking but kept giving him mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics.  He had a hard time with side effects and eventually went off all meds and kept smoking and dabbing. Probably daily as best we can figure.


Last Spring he had his second manic episode and break that lasted for 3 months. It ended with a trip to jail for spray painting public buildings. 


Doctor # 3..met with him while he was manic and diagnosed him with cannabis induced psychosis. She put him on a low dose of meds and said she wouldn’t do anything else until he gets sober. Every month we go in and he complains about the voice in his head and the anxiety he has. She says…are you sober? No? Ok…see you next month.


Three weeks ago I told him he was free to live his life the way he chose, but if he chooses weed, he would have to find another place to live. He said, for you mother, I will quit. He did…cold turkey…with one slip…and the difference is incredible.  He isn’t throwing up and coughing his lungs out. He is engaged with the people around him. He is motivated again and talking about the future. He is not 100% but it has only been a couple weeks! 


He does still hear the voice but he is starting to realize it isn’t real and he says he can manage it better now. He says he is feeling better but is protective of weed. He won’t fully commit that it has been a huge problem in his life. He won’t go to rehab but is willing to see a therapist.  He has a doctor appointment in 2 weeks and wants to wait to talk with her. 


He and I are very close and he tells me a lot…very hard to hear most of it…but I am very thankful that he will talk to me. He lost most of his friends through this so I have been it. 


Sorry this is long and probably babbley…we need to get these stories out there…people have no idea how dangerous weed can be. I have a dear friend that smokes…we almost quit talking because I was sharing news stories about the dangers of pot. Just so sad and frustrating. Thank you for letting me get my story out.


Mary is a parent from Washington state.