Originally published as a Letter to the Editor in the Prescott Daily Courier

Do you know anyone who takes Synthroid, Crestor, Lyrica or Januvia for fun? Neither do I. Medicine is for health care purposes, strictly dosed and prescribed. When people start thinking of medicine as “recreational,” you get the opioid crisis.

What if OxyContin or fentanyl or other opioids were made legal for “recreation?”Yet big corporations behind medical marijuana are now telling Arizonans that the same marijuana products they sell as “medicine” should also be made available for recreational use to anyone who wants them. Not even Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin, was that brazen.

But here’s the deal. They need signatures to put their initiative on the 2020 ballot. They need Arizonans to swallow their twisted argument that medicine can be taken for fun. If Big Pharma came asking you to sign a petition to make their drug available for recreational use, you’d laugh in their faces.

Do the same when Big Marijuana asks for the same thing. Please do not sign those petitions.

by Sally Schindel, Prescott, Arizona