My daughter had a psychotic break in 2013.  She had been to a college graduation party in Chico, CA.  When she arrived home I knew she wasn’t “normal”.  I told my husband that I was taking her to emergency.  My husband, being a pot smoker told me to “mellow out”.  Took her, to emergency, she freaked out, and they wanted to hold her on a 51/50…..they tested her for drugs and concluded it was a marijuana-induced psychosis. 


The doctors allowed us to bring her home, and I slept with her for two weeks because she was afraid to be alone.  We made appointments with a medical doctor, a therapist, and psychiatrist.  They all said she needed to make her own choices.  I didn’t want to let her go, but we decided to let her go back to the University of AZ.  She lived on the fifth floor and I was worried she would jump. 


She was fine for two years……psychotic break two… daughter moved to Oregon to be a partner in my son’s dispensary.  My son called and said “Anna is going crazy again”.  We immediately flew them home….hoping my daughter could maintain on the plane.  She arrived and was a MESS.  I had to call 911. 


She tried to strangle my son, and it took 4 paramedics to hold her down (she’s little 120lbs 5’2).  She was again released to us, and AGAIN we had to sleep with her.  As a mom, this is what we do.  My problem is…. why aren’t people realizing the pot problem?  It affects people differently.  It is a mind altering drug. Thank you for letting me share my story and vent.