Kevin’s Story

Our son Kevin was 15 when he started abusing marijuana.  He was very good at hiding his use until he came to us and said he was depressed and needed help. We spoke with an educational consultant;  they evaluated Kevin and recommended a therapeutic wilderness program. This was the beginning of many years of therapy and other programs Kevin participated in. From age 15 to 29, Kevin’s drug of choice was marijuana. During that time period he had many psychotic breaks, 51/50’s (Editors note: 5150 refers to the California law code for the temporary, involuntary psychiatric commitment of individuals who present a danger to themselves or others due to signs of mental illness) and at least three suicide attempts.

Over the years he used marijuana with higher and higher amounts of THC. About two years before he took his life he said, “Cannabis has ruined my life.” We love and miss Kevin very much, everyday. One way we are trying to honor Kevin’s life is by telling his story and educating other parents and young people about the great harm that most of today’s marijuana with high THC, does to the developing brain. 

(Fact: One of the periods of rapid growth for the human brain is ages 12 to 25. This is a crucial period that determines the structure and future functioning of the adult brain.)

Bart and Hazel Bright, California

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  1. Reply

    Bart and Hazel,
    I am so sorry about Kevin and what you all lost to the drug marijuana.
    Thank you for joining us at Moms Strong, telling our personal experiences, and exposing the charade of marijuana as a harmless substance.
    We work to help others before it is too late.
    May Kevin’s handsome smile live in your hearts forever.

  2. Reply

    So sorry for your loss. So tragic that Congress is allowing this to happen again, just as Congress allowed the opioid problem. Today there’s an addiction epidemic and marijuana is a big part of the mix. Drug addiction almost always starts with marijuana and often ends with marijuana. The drug is much stronger and much worse than most people know. For many people, like Kevin, marijuana is THE problem drug. You have a sympathetic group her and we’re a growing band of families who’ve been affected by this drug.

    • Bart Bright


      Thank you, Dale!
      I appreciate your support and agree with you. “We are a growing band of families…”
      Take Care,

  3. Caroline


    Bart, I spoke to you in the past through Tracy S. I read Kevin’s story and the information posted while attending the Western States Marijuana Summit in San Diego and can only see an upward struggle to fight addiction and the drug cartels and unethical people willing to sacrifice human life to sell their products. You must stay strong and be out there to give education out to as many as possible for prevention/intervention. Every person that listens and passes along a message is a victory. Have courage, bless you.

    • Bart Bright


      Thank you, Caroline!
      Yes, we must stay strong and continue to communicate our stories about the harm that today’s high THC pot is inflicting on our young people.
      Keep fighting!
      Best Regards,

  4. Karen Bailey


    Dear Bart and Hazel,
    I am so sorry to hear about your precious Kevin. I’ve lost both of my children to addiction and marijuana was both their gateway drug and their relapse drug. Legalizing marijuana is the biggest mistake this country has made. The damage isn’t seen immediately, but over time, we all know the costs. I’m glad you found our group and if you ever need to talk or cry, we are here for you. May God’s love wrap around you and carry you through this tough season in your lives. You will be in my prayers.


    Karen Bailey

  5. Suzanne Shealy


    Thank you for sharing. My son just passed due to the similar reasons. I will be writing my story soon. I completely agree about the high THC levels and the developing brain. “just weed” is killing our children. Prayers & Hugs.

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