Steel I-beams came crashing down on me crushing my legs.  The person behind the wheel of the crane was high on marijuana.  Because this person was high, they did not respond like a normal person who almost killed someone would.  In a calm voice he stood over me and said, “Dude, are you okay?”  I was pinned beneath a pile of steel, my lower part of my body was shattered and bloody. Everyone else was panicking and struggling to free me from the pile of steel but he was too apathetic, a side effect of marijuana. 

They kept wondering if they could save my leg and I wondered if I would ever walk again. The doctors worked tirelessly piecing together fragments of my legs and taking pieces of bone from other parts of my body.  After multiple operations, I still have screws and metal in my body keeping me together.  The long Frankenstein-looking scars on my legs are not from the steel piercing my body, they are from my bones, under the massive pressure of the steel impact, bursting out of my body and tearing open my skin along the way.  My leg exploded.

I was in a leg casts for what felt like years, and then I endured the torture of learning to walk again.  A year and a half later, I finally took my first steps.  I, a former football player and athlete, had to accept the fact that I would never run again but I was grateful that I was alive and with my hard work, that I could walk.  No longer able to tolerate cold weather because of the metal and injuries to my body, I moved to Florida.  If you think that the person who did this was punished in any way, you are wrong.  That is what happens… good people suffer and then the uncaring, selfish people are free to live their lives while destroying the lives of others along the way.

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Marijuana Does Not Just Affect The User

They call marijuana (pot) harmless but it isn’t. Educate yourself on the facts and do the research. Unlike some things, people do not need marijuana to survi…

Submitted by Bryan in Florida

Editors Note: the focus of Moms Strong is on the mental health consequences to users, but we occasionally post stories on harms to others caused by users. This particular story poignantly illustrates how even nonusers can suffer lifelong consequences from marijuana in our society.

Unbelievably, some states are folding to pressure from the marijuana lobby and making drug testing for marijuana illegal. See this article about Nevada.