Surgeon General: “No such thing as Medical Marijuana”

In states like Colorado, where marijuana is legal, Surgeon General Jerome Adams says the potency of today’s marijuana may be a detriment to business investme…

Short Video Clip of U.S. Surgeon General Voicing Concerns about Marijuana

And from our Friends at Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM)–The United Nations Report

Kevin Sabet of Project SAM recently wrote, “…the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) released its annual World Drug Report this week.   

The report takes a look at global drug use and specifically called out the United States and states such as Colorado for lax marijuana polices that are driving increased use and negative health harms.

The report is a global wake up call. As I have long said, effective drug policy is one that discourages use and creates means for people to get help with substance use disorders. Of course, with a handful of states legalizing marijuana and the marijuana industry churning out stronger, more addictive pot, we are accomplishing exactly the opposite.    The report found that youth use in the US has been on an upward trajectory since 2015, coinciding with the beginning of organized efforts to legalize commercial sales of marijuana at the state level. It also pointed out that “the ongoing policy debate and its coverage in the media appear to have impacted risk perceptions of harm caused by cannabis use, especially among young people.”   

Let me be clear: the efforts to legalize drugs – and I say drugs because we are now seeing efforts to legalize mushrooms and even heroin – and the texture of our current discourse, is leading our young people to believe drugs such as marijuana are safe and state-approved. The fact is, it is the overwhelming scientific consensus that marijuana use among young people can lead to addiction, problems learning, a permanent loss of IQ points, memory loss, and can even lead to the development of severe mental health issues such as psychosis. ”

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