The Judge Ben Show Interviews High School Counselor about Drugs in School

As early as 2015, Tim Trevithick, a high school counselor in Vermont was struggling to help students ensnared in drug use. In this eye opening video, he explains that while most high school students (65%) choose to be drug free, the other 35% are caving to subtle pressure to use drugs. Trevithick claims that the teens he works with are getting the message that drug use is not dangerous. He says emotional and physical pain drives teens not only to experiment but to continue drug use. He is seeing more cases of cannabis induced psychosis among his students, which in his estimation is related to frequency of use and the amount of THC.

Moms Strong wants to know this: WHY are the Vermont Statehouse legislators, in their recent passage of marijuana legalization, not considering what he’s observing with these students?

Why to Watch this Prophetic Interview

Many adults argue that legalization is not about teen use. And there is the ill-founded belief held by much of the public that teens use will not increase with legalization. This is because the marijuana industry proponents have repeatedly said there is no impact of legalization on teen behavior.

This interview completely disabuses these ideas.

See this important video:

Teenagers and Drug Abuse

Tell us about your experience with this online video, click here. Judge Ben Joseph speaks with Tim Trevithick, Champlain Valley Union High School Student Assistance Counselor, on the issue of teenagers and drug abuse.