San Diego Doctor Reports on Marijuana Poisoning

Dr. Roneet Lev is the Medical Director of Emergency Medicine at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego. She describes how everyday she treats daily marijuana poisoning: from cyclical vomiting syndrome- a condition resulting in terrible wretching (vomiting) and severe abdominal pain caused by regular marijuana use, she treats someone in acute psychosis and agitation associated with marijuana use. Dr. Lev has treated cancer patients who ate a marijuana brownie thinking it would help with nausea from chemotherapy, only to land an admission to the hospital for chest pain and palpitations; and the most reprehensible consequence from marijuana is when Dr. Lev has to place a child on life support for marijuana ingestion.

Doctor Who Was Taught to Overprescribe Pills Now Works to Counter the Marijuana Epidemic

Roneet Lev, M.D. speaking at the Smart Approaches to Marijuana Summit, April, 2018.

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Dr. Lev Writes an Open Letter to Sanjay Gupta

Opinion: An Open Letter to CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta About The Perils of Marijuana – Times of San Diego

Share This Article: This article is an open letter from a San Diego physician to CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta about his conclusion that medical marijuana can be beneficial. Dear Dr. Gupta: I invite you to visit my emergency department or any one in California or Colorado before advocating marijuana and its medicinal use.

Here is Dr. Lev speaking at a rally against recreational marijuana in 2016.

In opposition to Prop 64: Doctor Lev

Dr. Lev is the director of operations of the Scripps Mercy Emergency Department, San Diego campus. She has been practicing medicine at the hospital since 199…

Dr. Roneet Lev is the chief of the emergency department at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego. She is current president of IEPC, Independent Emergency Physicians Consortium, which represents over 30 emergency departments in California. She served as President of the California Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians. In October 2012, she established the San Diego and Imperial County Prescription Drug Abuse Medical Task Force with the goal of reducing deaths and mortality from prescription drugs, using data to drive change

Lev published research known as “The Death Diaries” evaluating the prescriptions and drugs found in medical examiner cases. She noted the medical issues from marijuana by her involvement in the opioid epidemic when patients came to the emergency department with cannabis poisoning. She published a consensus treatment guideline for cannabis hyperemesis syndrome and publicized the word scromiting that went viral. She is a passionate advocate for smart approaches to marijuana.