UK Opinion: CBD is Not as Safe as You Think

Lies of the legalisers | The Conservative Woman

SOLD as the miracle cure-all in a range of products from food supplements to massage oils, the CBD (cannabidiol) business is booming. Hopelessly over-hyped and over-sold, these products have no legal right to claim health benefits yet this is implied all the time.

Stop the Medical Marijuana Scam!

Florida Warning: CBD is Snake Oil

Buyer beware: CBD products could be this century’s snake oil

Drive to Wynwood to indulge in CBD-infused cold brew that will take away your anxiety. Head to the Plantation farmer’s market and snap up CBD-infused honey to cure your trouble sleeping. Take a trip to a med spa in Boca Raton and pick up a CBD-infused topical cream for your shoulder pain.

CBD Toxic to the Liver

Marijuana Study Finds CBD Can Cause Liver Damage

There is no denying that cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD, is rapidly becoming more popular in the United States than sliced bread. It is a hot trend that got started several years ago after Dr. Sanja Gupta showed the nation in his documentary ‘Weed 2’ just how this non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant was preventing epileptic children from having seizures.

Dr. Robert DuPont Testifies to FDA on Deceptive CBD Health Claims

Dr. Robert L. DuPont’s Written Testimony to the FDA Regarding the Health Impacts of CBD | Institute for Behavior and Health

Click here to view or print a PDF copy of this commentary.*** We also encourage you to file your own testimony with the FDA about this important issue. You can do so via docket FDA-2019-N-1482 before July 2, 2019 Docket No. FDA-2019-N-1482, Scientific Data and Information about Products

Houston Police Warn of CBD Dangers

A sting operation in Houston, Texas discovered that CBD products being sold in smoke shops, convenience stores, mercados, and gas stations are tainted with dangerous synthetic chemicals and even THC.

Watch this important press conference and then share it with others. We need to spread the word, that CBD products are not safe and can endanger you and those you love.

Ilegal and Dangerous Substances Found in Popular CBD Oil | Houston Police Department

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, Harris County Attorney’s Office representative, and Houston Emergency Medical Services Dr. David Persse brief the media on …

Potential Contaminants in CBD and THC Oils

Potential Contaminants in CBD and THC Oils

Cannabidiol (CBD) was initially discovered as a medication to treat Dravet syndrome, but is now used extensively to treat several medical and lifestyle disorders in addition to being used as recreational drug. One of the popular modes in which is available is CBD oil.