In Memorium
Jon Daily
December 23, 1970 –October 2, 2017

When Moms Strong reached out to Jon Daily to speak at an October 4, 2016 rally in Sacramento, we had heard he was a highly respected addiction counselor in the area, a university professor and an activist for drug-free living. We didn’t expect he would respond so enthusiastically and be so generous with his time in promoting the rally on radio talk shows and to reporters he spoke with. And little did we know then that we would only have the opportunity to know him for one short year. He had lived as a robust survivor of brain cancer for 7 years, but tragically relapsed several months ago.

Many of the rally participants would turn out to be his supporters, including his family. Jon brought them so his five children could witness civic activism in real time as speaker after speaker fulfilled their commitment to be heard on the steps of the California Capitol building. Jon’s voice rang out loud and clear on that day, with an insightful message mixing his neuroscience knowledge with stories of his own personal path to addiction counseling. There was no mistaking his California roots and how much he loved his state, wanting to spare it from the scourge of more drugs, speaking with a dynamic, open manner which embodied the best of the Californian spirit. Jon was inspirational in his delivery and all of us knew we were in the presence of someone special, loved by those he works with and an unmistakable role model for those in his care.

This is the perspective filmmaker Jody Belsher wanted to share about the professional colleague she deeply misses: “When Jon Daily called me to say he’d seen my film and wanted to connect, I had no idea he would soon become my “go to guy”. He was there for me when I struggled personally with my son, as well as when I was frustrated professionally with our society. So much of what Jon had to say made perfect sense to me. That is why I chose to interview him for my upcoming documentary: Recovery Sustained: getting and staying sober. Because of the distance, we arranged to film via iPhone and internet. By a great miracle, the footage is good and the sound is fine. His message in the film is going to help many people who have been challenged by substance abuse. I’ve already thought of picking up the phone to contact Jon on numerous occasions-only to remember that it is no longer possible. I can only imagine how those in his close circle must be feeling. I am truly better for having had the brief, but solid, friendship I had with this lovely man. Much appreciation to his wife and family for having shared him with us all.”

Rest in peace Jon Daily. You are missed by very many, but be assured your wonderful spirit will live on in your beautiful family and in those whose path to recovery was guided by your work.

The Moms Strong Team
October, 2017

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