New Book on Marijuana and Mental Illness, Violence

Former NY Times Writer Delves into Dark Side of Cannabis MomsStrong applauds the release of an important new book, “Tell Your Children: The Truth about Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence.” Have we been duped by the marijuana industry? The kind of drugs we legalize shapes the type of society we live in. Author Alex Berenson’s

Mental Illness

Cannabis and Our Genes The following is an edited transcript of an interview with Dr Robin Murray, Head of Psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry, in which he discusses the effect cannabis can have on our brain and its relationship with our genetic make-up.     Oregon Chapter of National Alliance for the Mentally Ill


Debate: Should We Drug Test Students? Massachusetts Conference Marijuana: Addiction, Mental Health and Policy held at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum Boston, Massachusetts  June 5th,  2019— expert public health and community impact panel: This Video tells the story of Moms Strong co-founder, Sally Schindel’s son, Andy. His marijuana addiction resulted in suicide.