My Son’s Journey from being an Accomplished Scholar-Athlete to Psychosis, Addiction, Jail and Living on the Street

April 5, 2019 Editor’s note: portions of this story have been previously published on as part of a review of Alex Berenson’s book, Tell Your Children The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence. What I have to say needs to be heard. This has to do with getting out the truth – real


PEER REVIEWED, SYSTEMATIC REVIEW & META-ANALYSIS, PEOPLE News Release from Oxford and McGill Universities — WEDNESDAY 13 FEBRUARY 2019 Cannabis use in teens raises risk of depression in young adults Cannabis use among adolescents is found to be associated with increased risk of depression in adulthood Cannabis is the most commonly used recreational drug by

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My Son’s Use of Marijuana was Followed by a Psychotic Break and His Suicide Two Weeks Later My Son Died of a Heroin Overdose, He Started with Marijuana Marijuana Nearly Killed My Son Journalist Loses Son to Poly-substance Addiction This Video tells the story of Moms Strong Founder, Sally Schindel’s Son, Andy. His Pot Addiction


New Book on Marijuana and Mental Illness, Violence

Former NY Times Writer Delves into Dark Side of Cannabis MomsStrong applauds the release of an important new book, “Tell Your Children: The Truth about Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence.” Have we been duped by the marijuana industry? The kind of drugs we legalize shapes the type of society we live in. Author Alex Berenson’s