Marijuana and Violence

Marijuana is thought to make people mellow, docile and lazy. However, with some chronic use and the new high potency strains, users are becoming violent and dangerous. Here are just some of the cases that are in the news.

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Forever Changed, a Colorado Family Emerges Battle-Scarred from a Son’s Marijuana Habit

In 2009 when Colorado legalized ‘medical’ marijuana my son was 14. He was an excellent student and athlete, playing soccer, basketball, and track. Things began going downhill for him very quickly. Unbeknownst to me he tried weed with a soccer team friend, and was soon addicted. He started hanging out with new friends who were

Pot Related Suicides

Cannabis Psychosis Led to Suicide Senior coroner Veronica Hamilton-Deeley recorded his death as suicide with contributing factors of cannabis related-induced psychosis including auditory hallucination and mood.     Former Heisman Trophy winner Rashaan Salaam dead at 42 By: Tod Leonard, 12/6/2016 | LA Times “Salaam — who lived in Superior, Colo., about eight miles southeast of Boulder

Environmental Damage

A VIEW INTO LEGALIZED MARIJUANA 20 YEARS FROM NOW Parents Opposed to Pot | JANUARY 9, 2017  Drug Policy Alliance, NORML and Marijuana Policy Project are optimistic. They’re huffing and puffing now, having won 7 out of 8 states with marijuana ballots in the November election. They also smirk knowing that President-elect Trump supports states’ rights for marijuana.


Public Health Education Campaign Legal NOT SAFE: Recreational Marijuana Reprinted from the New Brunswick Medical Society in Canada.     This is a 50 minute presentation by Libby Stuyt, MD ( addiction psychiatrist in CO) delivered to the Oregon Law & Mental Health Conference in Portland on 6-16-17.     Cannabis Psychosis Led to Suicide

Shane’s Story

Shane was my first-born son who grew into a handsome 6’4” young man. He always seemed larger than life and he had a big heart, infectious smile, and zest for life. He excelled at sports, especially water sports, from a young age. Shane was a very normal, healthy teen and even weathered a back injury and surgery


Emergency Room Doctor in Colorado Sees Psychosis and Mental Illness Related to Marijuana     Cannabis and Psychosis Exploring the Link is a national project of the Schizophrenia Society of Canada. The aim of the project is to increase awareness and understanding of the relationship between cannabis use and psychosis from the perspective of youth. 1