Journalist Loses Son to Poly-substance Addiction

The lie that marijuana never hurt anybody- Joe Tilton

A heartbreaking story from a father. Vote NO on Proposal 18-1 Learn more at

This Video tells the story of Moms Strong Founder, Sally Schindel’s Son, Andy. His Pot Addiction Resulted in Suicide

They say marijuana doesn’t kill anyone. We wish that were true.

Andy Zorn wrote in his suicide note. “My soul is already dead. Marijuana killed my soul + ruined my brain.”

Moms Strong Founder Lori Robinson Shares her Painful Loss of her Son to Medical Marijuana

Marijuana effects led to my son’s psychotic breaks and death.

Marijuana can cause psychosis and result in suicide. Lori Robinson is the founder of Moms Strong ( We tell our stories to unmask the marijuana charade.

Podcaster Heidi Swan Q&A with Dr. Christine Miller, psychosis researcher and Lori Robinson whose son experienced psychosis from cannabis use.

THC products on the young brain; does it really raise the risk for psychotic disorders?

Heidi Anderson-Swan: THC products on the young brain; does it really raise the risk for psychotic disorders and suicide in the average person? Ask Dr. Christine Miller, neuroscientist and schizophrenia researcher, and Lori Robinson, founder of, whose son experienced cannabis-induced psychotic breaks in his early twenties and ended his own life by age 25.

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