Marijuana Edibles: States Bite Off More Than They Can Chew

By: Carleen Wild, Updated Dec. 19 2016. HEALTHZETTE Her biggest concerns for users are the negative mental health outcomes — including psychosis and suicidal intent. “We stand to lose a generation to this drug,” she said. “About 5 percent of the weekly to daily users [of the high-strength product] can expect to develop chronic psychosis, and again, you cannot predict who is going to be at risk. Lesser impacts that are often preludes to the more serious outcomes include anxiety, depression and panic,” said Miller.

Marijuana Edibles: States Bite Off More Than They Can Chew | LifeZette

Colorado is not fully protecting its kids from pot, say experts


Four children hospitalized after eating marijuana laced edibles

4 kids hospitalized after eating marijuana-laced brownies | Charlotte Observer

Four children were hospitalized in serious condition after eating brownies that a man admitted he’d laced with marijuana for his own use, sheriff’s investigators said. The 911 call on Sunday came in as a drug overdose.


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