Legal Marijuana is Bringing Illegal Cartels to Community Neighborhoods

A frightening scenario for landlords, property owners, and families trying to raise their children is the foreign cartel operating next door. News reports about this troubling development in Colorado and possibly coming soon to other states considering making cannabis legal.

Inside a raid on a Cuban drug den in Colorado

Authorities say Cuban nationals with ties to organized crime are moving into posh homes in the quiet suburbs of Colorado, and growing massive amounts of weed illegally. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez accompanies police as they raid drug dens in upscale neighborhoods.


Commercial Grows Threaten Rural Community

Homeowners in rural Colorado worry commercial pot grow will overtake the lifestyle

Editor’s Note: ‘Our Colorado’ stories help natives and newcomers navigate the challenges related to our rapidly growing state, including real estate and development, homelessness, transportation and more. To comment on this or other 360 stories, email us at See more ‘Our Colorado’ stories here. SAGUACHE COUNTY, Colo.


Commercial Grows Drive Other Businesses Out

Marijuana businesses threaten the safety and security of legitimate enterprises. Here is just one example.

Warehouse Business Must Close Because of the Pot Growers – Stop Pot

Please tell others about Stop Pot! My husband and I went to Sacramento to visit our friends who are “retiring” from their wholesale tool business after decades. We drove to their warehouse, which is one of 7 very large warehouses. We asked them why they were going out of business.

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