Suicide and Marijuana Legalization in Colorado

This first graph clearly shows that as marijuana becomes more available, suicides increase.

This second graph shows that marijuana is the leading substance found in the toxicology reports from suicide victims aged 10 – 19.



Homelessness in Colorado





What We Have Learned from Colorado Marijuana Legalization

Dr. David Murray of Hudson Institute gave the keynote address at a symposium sponsored by Smart Colorado. In it he discusses what we have learned from the data about marijuana legalization outcomes.

Colorado and Marijuana: Dr. David Murray, Marijuana Campaign: Context, Lessons from the Data

On September 30th 2016, educators, doctors, scientists, law officers, and other professionals joined together to discuss the effects of commercialized marijuana on the state of Colorado. Keynote Speaker – Dr. David W. Murray, Senior Fellow Hudson Institute Marijuana Campaign: Context, Lessons from the Data



Update on Driving Fatalities in Colorado

There is a massive push over the past several years by law enforcement on impaired driving. They show YTD stats on highways across the state all year long, have a “Click it or Ticket” campaign all year long, and have PSA during holidays, etc. Despite all of their efforts, Colorado is seeing more driving fatalities every year with increasing percentages related to marijuana:

Annual Death Toll on Colorado Roads Continues to Increase | OutThere Colorado

More than 600 people have died on Colorado roads in 2017 as of Monday morning, putting the state on track to surpass last year’s grim tally amid efforts from the Eastern Plains to the mountains to cut down on traffic fatalities. The Colorado Department of Transportation said the 604 road deaths this year mark a roughly 3 percent …

Read more about the negative outcomes of Colorado marijuana legalization on our Colorado Report page and our The Colorado Experiment page.

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