How to Keep the Marijuana Industry Out of Your Community

Citizen activists around the country are successfully keeping cannabis out of their community. Working with their local city councils and health agencies they are protecting their youth and young adults from this predatory industry and the dangerous “pro-drug” message it pushes. Keep your community safe, get active and outspoken!

Consider this Doctor’s Perspective

“I have a very simple way to look at this burgeoning issue.

Who exactly do we think is “safe” or reasonable to use cannabis? Certainly not airline pilots, bus drivers, law enforcement, doctors, nurses, & pharmacists? Right, they are all regulated & will likely lose their license, assuming they get caught.

But what about Uber\Lyft drivers? What about school teachers, daycare workers, truck drivers, heavy machine operators?

Or what about the 218M US drivers? Right, they are going to be responsible & not drive when acutely intoxicated. But unlike alcohol, there’s no objective way to determine that. So, do we put very driver in jail who tests positive for cannabis they used two weeks ago?

So, for the people YOU count on every day to provide services to you & your family, who do you feel ok with them using cannabis on a regular basis? Might want to think about that the next time you sit down to get your hair cut.

Problem is, when the general public thinks about voting YES for a pot referendum, they are just thinking about how THEY would use it (responsibly) & would never give it to teenagers. Apparently, they fail to understand how the world really works. Put a McDonalds on every corner & the world gets fat. Put a Pot Dispensary on every corner & the world (including kids) gets stoned. Well, at least kids can’t get sugary drinks in schools.” –Todd B.Taylor, MD


After Canada Legalizes Nationwide, Communities are Opting Out

From SAM Canada activist, Pam McColl, “After some gentle urging over many months, my local town council did pass a resolution on Monday night. It is a “Resolution of opposition to the production and sale of cannabis on the City of Beaconsfield’s territory”. Full version to follow when it is published. I have asked my town to now issue a press release containing
the text. So yes, towns & cities are taking some action.”


Steamboat Springs, CO Votes to Keep Cannabis Out to Maintain Family-Friendly Tourism

A narrow win to keep pot out of Steamboat

Chris Woodward ( A Colorado town known as a popular winter ski destination has voted down a marijuana dispensary, drawing praise from a pro-family group. In a 4-3 vote Tuesday, the Steamboat City Council rejected an application by Rocky Mountain Remedies to open a store midway between downtown Steamboat Springs and the Steamboat Ski Resort on the outskirts of town.



Carpinteria City Council Votes to Extend Commercial Pot Moratorium

Carpinteria City Council Extends Moratorium on Commercial Cannabis Operations

The Carpinteria City Council on Monday night voted to extend its moratorium on commercial cannabis activities for another year, banning cultivation, processing, delivery, sales and other recreational marijuana operations within city limits. Carpinteria first passed an urgency ordinance creating a moratorium on commercial cannabis activities on May 8, 2017, and the City Council has voted to extend it numerous times since then.



Escondido City (near San Diego) Enacts Toughest Laws Against Cannabis Industry in State of California–


Alamosa Colorado Keeps Pot Clubs Out

Pot clubs prohibited

ALAMOSA – After hearing from 15 Alamosa residents urging them to pass the ordinance and one against it, the Alamosa city council on Wednesday night unanimously approved an ordinance permanently prohibiting marijuana consumption clubs in the city limits.



Calaveras County California Bans Cannabis Cultivation

Supes ban commercial cannabis cultivation

The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors voted to ban commercial marijuana cultivation Wednesday, signaling the end of a program that permitted hundreds of growers and raised more than $10 million for the county budget. “We had to go through the process,” said District 4 Supervisor Dennis Mills, who supported a ban throughout.

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