How THC Injures the Brain

by Mark Gold, MD Reprinted from   The dramatic increase in marijuana potency plus the increased prevalence of use among all age cohorts in the US have compelled scientific inquiry regarding the effects of this “recreational” drug. Clearly, marijuana does not cause overdose deaths like opioids or withdrawal deaths like alcohol. But, is it


Patrick Kennedy Decries Cannabis Legalization

Former Congressman, Patrick Kennedy is a recovering addict. He thinks marijuana legalization is bad public policy particularly from a public health standpoint. He was recently interviewed by talk show host Tucker Carlson. Read Patrick Kennedy and Kevin Sabet’s Op-ed Click below to read the Wall Street Journal opinion article referred to in the above video.


Reducing Future Rates of Adult Addiction Must Begin with Youth Prevention

Reducing Future Rates of Adult Addiction Must Begin with Youth Prevention The United States is confronting a public health crisis of rising adult drug addiction, most visibly documented by an unprecedented number of opioid overdose deaths.1Most of these overdose deaths are not from the use of a single substance – opioids – but rather are

Drug Cartels and Commercial Grows Nightmare

MomsStrong’s Aubree Adams Speaks out about Home Grow Legislation in Vermont   Legal Marijuana is Bringing Illegal Cartels to Community Neighborhoods A frightening scenario for landlords, property owners, and families trying to raise their children is the foreign cartel operating next door. News reports about this troubling development in Colorado and possibly coming soon to

Press Conference Warns of Marijuana Harms

A packed press conference on April 20, 2018 was addressed by a wide variety of experts on the topic of drug prevention and cannabis risks. We thought it so impactful that we invite you to watch this video of the event. It was held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. and sponsored by