Public Health Education Campaign Legal NOT SAFE: Recreational Marijuana

Legal Not Safe: Recreational Cannabis ” New Brunswick Medical Society

In less than a year, cannabis will be legally available in New Brunswick and throughout Canada. In advance of legalization, the New Brunswick Medical Society is launching a new public education campaign to highlight the health risks that come with consuming cannabis.

Reprinted from the New Brunswick Medical Society in Canada

Schizophrenia Expert Explains Risks to Brain Health


Canadian Family Physicians Warn of Medical Marijuana’s Limited Effectiveness and Big Risks

This College of the Family Physicians of Canada report was mailed to 30,000 of their members. It is the best evidence based report we’ve seen!

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Canadian Psychologists Wary of Cannabis

The conclusions of the Canadian Psychological Association’s task force on the legalization of cannabis verge on devastating.

Douglas Todd: Canada's psychologists urge marijuana vigilance

Apart from the #Metoo maelstrom and the housing crises in Toronto and Vancouver, few things stir up Canadians more than marijuana, which its promoters claim is the cure for everything from glaucoma to brain disease. Should private outlets sell recreational marijuana? Is it more enjoyable to smoke or swallow cannabis?


Read the in-depth knowledge of Canadian Ministers on hazards facing their citizens should marijuana legalization pass the Canadian Parliament, such as this from MP Kellie Leitch: “As a pediatric surgeon, I spent most of my professional career putting children back on the playground to play. This bill does exactly the opposite of taking care of kids.”


Click here to read Highlights from MP concerns

See entire debate by clicking here on the Open Parliment link    


See New 2018 Survey of Canadians commissioned a survey to see how many Canadians understand the Health Canada Report on Cannabis. The survey result speaks to the need for public health education regarding the drug, marijuana.

See Cannabis survey press release.

Citizens Group Warns Canadian Lawmakers and Marijuana Industry of their Personal Liability

Affidavit: Notice of Liability to Canadian Parliment, Senators and Marijuana Industry

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