Pot Farms Smell Like a Skunk

Smells like skunk… Carpinteria greenhouses turn to pot

If you drive down Foothill Road in the small, Central Coast city of Carpinteria at certain times of the day, when the wind is blowing in a particular direction, you may get a big whiff of marijuana. “I have guests that come for the weekend and they tell me I have a skunk under my house.



Environmental Impacts of Illegal Marijuana Cultivation

Click here to see report by the California Land Trust:
Calif has 50,000 marijuana cultivation sites –California Land Trust Frontiers 6.1.2017

See also the Silent Poison page


Back Country Drug War — The Atlantic

Illegal Pot Farms are Poisoning California’s Forests

Illegal Pot Farms Are Poisoning California’s Forests

Secret growers are taking advantage of the state’s remote stretches of public land-and the environmental impact is severe. In the gray half-light of dawn, eight figures creep through the dry pine forest near Quincy, California. Seven of them wear camo uniforms bearing the logos of various government agencies: U.S.

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