Child Deaths due to Adult Cannabis Use

Over 100 Child Abuse Deaths Found Related to Cannabis, with Rise of Commercial Industry Child Neglect and Violence by Marijuana Impaired Parents are the Leading Causes Parents Opposed to Pot (POP), a nonprofit dedicated to exposing the dangers of marijuana, counts 113 child abuse deaths related to marijuana since states voted to legalize it in

Warn Your Teens: What is in Cannabis

CBC Reports: What is in Today’s Weed? Testing the Chemicals in Cannabis The Canadian Broadcasting System came to Colorado in 2016 to conduct research on the brain changes wrought by marijuana. Your family needs to know this information!

ER Doctor Says Join the Fight Against THC Marijuana

Webinar: Marijuana in the Emergency Room     Karen Randall, ER physician in Pueblo, CO presents at the SAM Summit (Atlanta) 4-5-18, this is her presentation, “join the fight against THC marijuana” Karen Randall, M.D. is an ER physician at Parkland Medical Center, Pueblo, CO. Read Dr. Randall’s Open Letter to Politicians Considering Marijuana Legalization


Patrick Kennedy Decries Cannabis Legalization

Former Congressman, Patrick Kennedy is a recovering addict. He thinks marijuana legalization is bad public policy particularly from a public health standpoint. He was recently interviewed by talk show host Tucker Carlson. Read Patrick Kennedy and Kevin Sabet’s Op-ed Click below to read the Wall Street Journal opinion article referred to in the above video.