Who We Are We are a group of Moms who have seen marijuana severely damage our teenage and young adult children. While pot advocates promote stories of how marijuana is a safe, natural and fun activity, we have instead witnessed our children develop devastating mental health issues after using it. We have observed the side effects of anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia, depression and psychosis, and have even seen a final result of suicide. We have watched how these changes have occurred in some as a sudden psychotic break and in others gradually over a long period of addiction. Moms Strong is a support group partnering to inform and educate those harmed by marijuana. We are not funded by industry or the government, rather by parents as we hope to spread awareness and prevent tragedies like we’ve experienced.

The Marijuana of Today We’re Concerned About

The marijuana we refer to is what is commonly sold as marijuana today—i.e. it has a very high THC content (tetrahydrocannabinol, the psycho-active ingredient) with very little CBD content (cannabidiol, the compound often linked to medicinal benefits).  It is this high potency THC marijuana so commonly sold today that adversely affects so many young lives. Whether it is smoked, vaped, ingested as an edible, or a concentrate like “dabs”, it can be very harmful to our youth and their developing brain. Not all weed users have or will experience the horrific consequences from using the potent strains of today’s marijuana derivatives, but  there are others, like our own children, who have not been so lucky.  Our hope for this website is to find parents who have witnessed the horrors of watching their own children harmed from marijuana and share their stories.   What You Can Do

We ask that you send us an email with any personal story of marijuana harms for publication on this website.
Our email address is: momsstronginfo@gmail.com
We would prefer to include your name AND/OR geographic location by state, but are sensitive to the need for anonymity, if necessary. We do not want to violate you or your child’s privacy. The more these stories circulate, the more society will realize there are young people being egregiously harmed from their naive use of 21st century marijuana strains and byproducts. Our goal is to provide information on this website that is educational and supportive.
MomsStrong Headquarters in California, Arizona and Colorado.
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We would like to give a special thanks to our original website designer who helped us get started with this project: Courtney Mercado @ Courtney Web Design

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