Activist Mom Gives Compelling Interview about Cannabis Legalization


This mom’s horrific story demonstrates the mental health harms of cannabis.

Aubree Adams lived in Pueblo, Colorado. She now lives in Texas after her family life went haywire after legalization came to Colorado. Listen to this hour long video, where Aubree details the downside of marijuana legalization and the devastating impact it had, not only on her family, but on the community where she once lived.

Marijuanna in Massachusetts -Aubree Adams

Click on link to listen : Jim Derick – Chapters056 Project 2069 51m21s [2-2-138-2 As a small group of people met as an outreach committee seeking to be more present in their small community of Wrentham, MA. they were led to a discovery. warns parents and politicians about the mental health harms of marijuana. Subscribe to receivve our latest stories by email on our Sign Up page

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