Chronic State Film Educates U.S. on Cannabis Legalization Outcomes


New Film Documents Cannabis Community Calamities

The Community Coalition Members at DrugFree Idaho took their talent and initiative and put together a beautiful film contrasting the beauties of nature with the communities which have collapsed after unwisely legalizing an illicit drug.

“Many people moving to Idaho for the great outdoors, safe communities, and quality of life are leaving behind cities ruined by a drug culture, homelessness, addiction, and crime. We created this documentary to educate Idahoans and others about the impacts drug normalization has within communities,” says Rob Stevenson of Drug Free Idaho.

We encourage you to carve out an hour to see this important film. Please share it with your representatives and policy makers in your community and other influential citizens. It is information like this that can turn the public against cannabis commercialization efforts.

Chronic State

How marijuana normalization impacts communities

Interviews at the World Premiere

Aubree Adams of interviews several drug prevention experts about the film and their work.

Lynn Riemer, Act On Drugs

Lynn Riemer from Act on Drugs is at the premiere of Chronic State, a documentary showing the harms of marijuana on the communities in Colorado. Lynn educates many people, but about the harms of drugs. She speaks in schools around the nation.

Chronic State premier, Boise Idaho

Monte Stiles was a federal drug prosecutor and decided to dedicate his life to drug prevention after witnessing the devastating impacts of drugs. HIs passion helped Drug-Free Idaho produce a documentary called Chronic State. Chronic State shows the devastating impacts of marijuana on communities who have legalized marijuana.

Jo McGuire educates on safe and drug-free workplace, families, and communities internationally

Jo McGuire provides education on workplace policies. She is the chair of the National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association. Please listen as she describes the impact of marijuana in the workplace and bills that are being introduced federally that will have a devastating impact on workplace safety.

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