A mom laments. Marijuana is not safe nor harmless.

There is a bag from a pot shop in a pile of stuff belonging to my 18-year-old, who has been kicked out of the house due to unacceptable behavior. Here are some facts:

• He has been smoking marijuana almost daily for over four years.
• At no time before he began smoking marijuana was he violent or destructive or in any significant trouble. In fact, he was joyful, accomplished, and well adjusted.
• In the four years that he has been using marijuana, he has done the following:

o punched countless holes in walls;
o broken household items such as televisions, musical instruments, framed pictures, pottery, and other art objects;
o intentionally dented the family vehicles;
o bashed in several interior and exterior doors;
o jumped through a closed window INTO the house necessitating a trip to the emergency room;
o blatantly smoked marijuana in the house;
o gotten a 100 mph speeding ticket and then rolled a car;
o refused household chores;
o called his mom a b—ch and a c—t and his dad a d—k;
o threatened to kill himself multiple times;
o thrown away meals that were prepared for him;
o thrown away every food item in the entire kitchen;
o thrown food all over the kitchen and dining room multiple times;
o quit several jobs;
o skipped school;
o rejected his entire family;
o physically assaulted his mom;
o thrown a moving car into park from the passenger seat more than once;
o taken joyrides in his parents’ cars;
o stolen his mom’s keys and thrown them away;
o flattened his mom’s tires twice;
o poured wine on one mattress and peed on another;
o locked his mom out of the house;
o ‘lost’ several bikes;
o pooped in a bucket inside the house;
o texted angry messages to his mom’s boss
And there’s no end in sight.

—Anonymous, Southern California

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